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EOS Projects in Need of Funding

ZeroPass (my team) is working on 3 EOS projects, the first one we are working on currently on full-time, and others when/if the financing would allow it.

⮞ Port
enables you to reveal the minimal amount of data to the community, but still maintain the reassurance in each other’s uniqueness.
It on-boards and validates massive Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) on the chain provided by ICAO and would on-chain validate Passport signatures (delivered via NFC enabled Android or iPhone) and attest EOS accounts. No third party needed.
Very useful for EOS wide Sybil resistance infrastructure, “UBI” token claims/airdrops, low friction/high privacy voting,…
• The off-chain solution is done, needs financing to bring different crypto into wasm contracts; RSASSA-PSS signatures, ECDSA signatures for other ECC curves (P-384 and IETF rfc5639 crypto, mainly pushed by Germany to the EU; BrainpoolP256r1, BrainpoolP384r1, BrainpoolP512r1) + Corresponding security audits.
Also needs UI portals done.

ROW - Recoverable Online Wallets (3rd place in Beyond Blockchain Hackathon)
Recoverable Online Wallets, or ROW, is a vision of making blockchain UIs mostly disappear, without introducing trust. With an emphasis on low mental costs of users’ actions, instead of converting authentication into a series of (mindless) steps. Account recovery mimics how people get into their house once they get locked. It relies on a multisig of trusted contacts.
• It uses webauthn to sign transactions and to authenticate. It adds devices under the account and saves KeyIDs in the smart contract, thus eliminating the need for the server. Also removes the risk of the server losing the KeyIDs, which previously meant forever lost key and credentials- which allows the system to run solely on the webuthn keys. ROW takes 2 approvals (multisig) for usage. Usually, one device is your PC TPM/enclave, and the other is a phone TPM/enclave. ROW can support any combination of webauthn keys, including external yubikeys.
It removes the need for passwords, emails, mnemonics, etc. In the future owner recovery UI will be added to manage the trusted friends multisig. 2/4 multisig, with 2 current devices and 2 trusted contacts.
• Only basic POC is done, but the majority of on-chain work is prepared.
It needs UI, recovery UI, security audit for on-chain RSA implementation (windows machines). Needs UAL integration work, so online wallets can integrate it. It needs work on auto PowerUp functions and account creation on the first transfer functionality which would greatly help to hide the UI from the typical user.

⮞ stEOS (not a final name)
Trustless tokenized pool with vote exchange and rex rewards integrated.
It democratizes the vote exchange and makes it transparent on-chain. It gives community interest (rex + vote exchange) accruing liquid token they can use directly in eos defi pools. It also captures any stake-weighted inflation and makes the stEOS token the new “sound money” on the EOS blockchain.
• It’s fairly done on testnet. Needs some additional work on Portal (voting portal for community-owned proxy “explorer”) + audits (people need to drop eos into it similar to rex - exploits can be very costly).


Offers free and automated resources. Over 600 active accounts and 400+ free powerups issued daily. This site is designed to make things easier for the EOS community during the transition to the new PowerUp Model. Here is some interesting data on the userbase:

Currently the service was funded and built by myself, in total it was about three weeks of work and now the platform is totally automated by a few backed servers that we operate. The platform is funded by taking a fee on each powerup performed as well as community donations.

Eden funding could help to continue to fund the free powerup service while funding additional power user features. One feature I would like to build is a Telegram/Discord Bot that would make it easy to trigger a powerup from inside a chatroom for any account. Another idea I’d like to implement is the ability for other applications to purchase advertising space in the app and act as a sponsor for powerup services in exchange for user engagement. I have the ability to build these features myself, so funding would mostly just pay for my time to implement the functionality.


Pick what you like:


tipitbot and tipit.io provides a “social wallet” and it has been running since Dec 2017 providing the easiest way to get people involved in EOS through tipping on social platforms including Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Twitch, Github and directly on our website. tipit supports over 70 tokens mostly on EOS but also telos and WAX. The project is self-funded so far except for a wps grant from Telos. EdenOS funding would allow us to provide next level features we have been planning such as NFT’s, airdrops that we call tipdrops, expand github mechanism to fund projects and issues, and others that could bring masses of people into EOS.


Hi Chris

Here are some more ideas I read in the EOS telegram channels

  • fund a team or put out a grant to solve https://github.com/EOSIO/eosio.system/issues/34 (some users are waiting since years for a solution that they will be able to unstake from REX)
  • Greymass Forum
  • Greymass Anchor
  • Here some work that needs funding from cc32d9: https://github.com/cc32d9/cc32d9_ideas_for_EOSIO/blob/master/Needs_Funding.md
  • integration with hardware wallets like trezor, ledger and BC Vault + easy account creation
  • eospowerup.io
  • eosmarketplace.io > from cc32d9: “the projects like eosmicroloan in Venezuela need a lightweight wallet for low cost android phones, with a limited number of functions, to basically send the token and see the balance”
  • eosmicroloan.com > https://t.me/EdenOSinfo/7675 “2000 EOS could help us fund at least 50-60 Xiaomi Redmi 9A phones for the ongoing EOS revolution in Venezuela”
  • cryptowriter / eoswriter or other articles and influencers (EOS marketing is urgently needed)
  • Betnow.io
  • implementation of the necessary functions for privacy solutions (peos and pieos)
  • if there are funding, Francis from pizza.finance could use funding. He draw a blueprint for leveraged trading, but he cut many devs due to lack of fund

Someone wrote (don’t know any more who), but I liked it:

  • fund a mechanism to keep transactions encrypted while they’re ordered and we we’ll be able the eliminate the front running problem other chains suffer from.
  • We can fund a dedicated team for implementing privacy solutions (pieos.io project stopped the development cause of too less funding)
  • We can build and fund body to supply security audit for EOS dapps.
  • We can fund legal team to help new business join and navigate in our complex new space.
  • We can have dedicated team that negotiate for better exchange visibility & listing.
  • We can fund onboarding research & development team.
  • We can have are very own independent eosio development team to deal with all size of code.
  • We can fund are very own media outlet
  • We can support local eos communities.
  • We can fund a team to help educate and onboard bankless in the third world.

Found on EOS Facebook:
EOS Costa Rica runs nodes on mainnet since day one, participates actively in developing several EOSIO open source apps, trained dozens of developers and promoted #EOS in the LatAm region, yet has never received one single reward payment.”

TranslateMe Network has a working product and may want to move from NEO to EOS - French, German they have these working. They DONT have Chinese, Korean, and Spanish up and running yet. They need funding. Check the details here: https://forums.eoscommunity.org/t/eos-translation-portal/2865/8

Here some more ideas what is urgent needed on EOS: https://forums.eoscommunity.org/t/suggestions-for-current-prospective-eos-eosio-builders

Then one message from Aaron 12. of August:
"1. There’s no good toolkit for the devs to use when onboarding new users (account creation)
2. Their users don’t benefit from automatic resource management and are forced to do it on their own (unless they use Anchor)
3. They are really limited when it comes to how they can integrate wallets (UAL) unless they spend a bunch of time writing their own custom code for it
4. The frontend libraries made available to them are often not flexible enough to do what they need within their applications.
5. The APIs that are made available to them are very inefficient and require some hackery to make usable. " Source: Telegram: Contact @bullisheos

Organize Blockchain or EOS Events/Conferences (online on Zoom?): Zack wrote on Telegram: “The EOS Ignite conference was pretty awesome back in the day. That would be a good model to follow for something that could and should be proposed via Pomelo since it would require a person or small team dedicated to organizing such an event over several weeks of planning. EOS Ignite Conference - Crowdcast” Source: Telegram: Contact @Everything_EOS

Just some more ideas:

  • creation of an Eden Proxy: https://forums.eoscommunity.org/t/the-creation-of-an-eden-voter-proxy
  • Integration Ethereum virtual machine on EOS Mainnet and fund a marketing team to bring ETH dapps to EOS, which run into problems on ETH
  • Integrate the immortal webhosting from EOS Rapid net.inc with wordpress with a webshop and easy EOS payment system
  • Fund an EOS payment system which webshops can easy integrate to get paid in EOS and fund an EOS onboarding, where customers from the webshop can pay with credit cards anonym or with registering (fiat to EOS gateway), then fund several teams which onboard webshops to EOS payment method
  • Fund an EOS marketing campaign
  • Fund the first community built Eden members trusted customer service to onboard users and to help with any problems around EOS, dapp’s, BP’s (SPOC for all EOS things - a safe place where users don’t get scammed when needing help): https://t.me/EOSproject/1774938
  • “If we eventually want decentralized dispute resolution, Ricardians could go a long way to help arbitrators understand intent. Lack of adoption in Ricardians is a shame… it’s another feature of EOSIO that sets it apart” Source: Telegram: Contact @EdenOSinfo
  • Leonard P Britt on Facebook: “Payment / money transfer app - payment or money transfer services need a network which is fast and scalable with low transaction fees. Just an idea. There is still a significant gap between the theory of low fees and fast transactions using blockchain tech and practicality of users. My wife and I still send money to family in Colombia via a transfer service rather than using any crypto because even if they had a digital wallet there would be no means of converting crypto on their end into local currency.”

I’d like to build an EOS Translation Portal.

— There’s an enormous amount of energy bound up between EOS language groups.
— The objective is to fundamentally increase the bandwidth between individual communities separated by language.
— This would be accomplished by developing a portal that these different language groups use effectively to submit and exchange information/resources.
— This will have a large effect on both the stability and the productivity of Eden.

Keep in mind:

  1. the challenge would be…
    a) planning/design,
    b) finding or learning coding/skill resources,
    c) and project oversight.
  2. I’m confident I’d be up to the task of getting a minimum viable product out at the end of 6 months, even if it was wonky etc, at least it would provide a ‘strawman’ for everyone to speak to as a start.

Here’s my page that I set up as a call to this need. Please feel free to take a look and comment.


Patrick Bernard Schmid. CEO/CTO of NovaCrypto and educational platform
EOS Blockchain Switzerland

I decided to present myself for Eden as someone to be elected. Indeed, I want to continue to give to the community.

Here after, the package I deliver.


EOSIO🇨🇭Workshops since 2020 April 23rd
5 workshops
2021 ongoing 6 workshops
next stop June 23rd
2022 6 workshops
Concept : 4 guest interviews, article on eos.writer.io
PDF, MindMap uptodate after each episode
Production: 2 hours educational content Youtube

Exposure for differents key players in the EOSIO/EOS

Promotional videos to give exposure for EOSIO/EOS.

Development 2022

Your online knowledge builder where you can upload your mindmap that can be used stand-alone and published on a marketplace. You can also contribute to enriching the existing one. Each root of a mindmap will be tagged with some metadata about his owner. The mindmap file will be stored on IPFS and the resulting hash on the EOS Mainnet. A NFT of the mindmap will be on atomichub.

For more details, I will share them later on Eden.

Go EOS! For the sake of unity.
Through Education and Development adoption rise.


For those who are in need of funding, I’d like to contribute these resources for your consideration:


Encrinus 6S decentralized cloud storage and secure document management.
Pitch deck:


John, tipit already has bots on all the platforms, maybe we could work together!
Mark Stair


Hello Chris! Thanks for the initiative.

I am a Venezuelan musician and I have recently launched my collection of musical NFTs “soundelement” on AtomicHub. In this way I am working on a proposal for musical NFTs and thus bring to the world NFT EOS an artist of a good caliber but who are not rock stars (although it would be good). Almost everything is ready, but we will need funding to sustain the team and get the project off the ground.

I think bringing musicians into the NFT EOS world can be beneficial. The community constantly talks about the need for marketing in EOS and artists could bring an audience, bring EOS closer to those who still do not dare to enter the blockchain world. And EOS would be your first home.

As for the musicians, I am already in communication with some and I hope to finalize a deal very soon. They are artists who do not have millions of followers but thousands of them. They have a lot of movement on their social networks and one of them has a verified account on twitter and Instagram.

EOS has all the potential to be one of the greats of the NFTs and there is already the platform, this is the project and it only takes one way to make it happen. I hope you like this idea. A hug


That’s a great idea. I still think a dedicated bot for eospowerup.io is necessary because it will have it’s own internal account system, but it would be easy to integrate the eospowerup.io API as an option inside Tipit. The more integrations the better I think.

For example, to trigger a free powerup the Bot should just ping https://api.eospowerup.io/freePowerup/accountname
I do have some rate limiting to prevent abuse but I could whitelist your bot backend for this function. Currently the API doesn’t integrate well because it doesn’t have much of a response but I should be able to improve that over the next month.


I just read this from Enrico in the Everything EOS Telegram channel. Its not a project looking for Eden reps, but a project waiting for Eden reps to find and put a plan together for:

“Well I believe we need to set up a page that provides information investors are interested in if we want to attract capitals to the mainnet. Right now as a PoS Chain is offering about 3% APY. So the first thing I would need to know if and when with upcoming upgrades this APY is going to increase. Secondly I would need to have dashboard showing the ecosystem of apps built on to top EOS and their current level of traction. If we talk about defi I would need to know how many users how much capital locked…etc… If we miss this type of information in one single place no one will ever bother to go around and find out. We need a page that makes it a no brainer for investors to understand they must have a piece of EOS in their portfolio. Also, if you run a comparison Tezos releases a chain update every three months…how is EOS going to keep up with this rate of innovation? We need a benchmarking showing at least that EOS has some strengths if we cannot prove it is the best solution. All of the above information is totally lacking in EOS ecosystem. I think we view EOS more as a tool than an investable asset. This is true but only to a certain extent. Crypto has created a new category of hybrid assets and it seems to me that EOS right now it mainly managed by devs and not by investors. Hope these comments will help improve EOS chances of success.”


Thanks Chris, I hope someone will pick up this idea. Happy to collaborate to develop it further, if necessary. Enrico.


For an overview over EOS DeFi TVL, this site is a good start:

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Eden Proposal: passwordless authentication and private key management platform

Here’s the proposal: :point_down:


Eden Proposal: A more broad distribution of BP pay to include standby BPs.

Check it out here! :point_down:


I would like to build a wallet and finance product with elements of Argent, Compound, Uniswap, BlockFi and Binance.

This will be my second attempt. The first attempt I think I got the product and code right but I miscalculated badly on legal and community outreach. That is what I need funding for. I’d like the product to be licensed and regulated in the United States - so that’ll take a lot of funding. I’d also like to hire a public face or partner with one - as I’m not good at dealing with the bitter, condescending people in this community. Some people are great at that - I’m just good at writing code and inventing things.


TIMM mentormarket.io

Some old-timer BPs will remember the mentormarket proxy. During the early days it was one of the larger ones and helped some of our better BPs out during that time.

As Eden pursues ways to gain resources, perhaps TIMM is some low hanging fruit that can be used.

In a nutshell, TIMM is a free market financial analysis site. Members can offer their insights for free or on subscriptions. TIMM simply provides the tools to do so, allowing for a free market approach.

It’s already an MVP right now. With some traffic, it could start providing services immediately.

Proposal: With the support of the community, TIMM will offer a % of gross proceeds to EOS on Eden.

Needs: TIMM really needs a good dev on-hand to massage the site to streamline it and trouble-shoot when things go wonky. Ideally a dedicated dev team would help advance the features as well.
And TIMM needs marketing, at least until reaching the critical mass stage where growth becomes more natural.

Additional proposal: I’ve been told that WordPress can be hosted on EOS main. It’s way beyond me, but it would be cool to be the first such site launched on the blockchain and possibly pave the way for new endeavors or additional business models (some of which I already have ideas and models for, but first things first).

Tokenization: I don’t really know if there’s a great model for tokenizing on TIMM. I’ve been reluctant to do it just because I can. But I’m open to methods of gamifying and tokenizing the project, if we can come up with a good compelling reason to. It’s simply a matter of whether we should just because we can and, if so, what’s the best model.

Funding: I don’t know if funding is needed. It depends on how others want to participate. If the dev and marketing teams are interested in equity or some sort of profit sharing, I’m more than happy to cover operating expenses until profitable. If the dev and/or marketing team need to be paid, then we can discuss funding. Personally, I’d rather just roll it out and share in the profits. But I’m open to ideas.

I didn’t take this to EOStarter because I don’t know that it needs funding and if it’s a good model for tokenization. However, if it will help the community and other projects, I’d be more than happy for us to use it to get something rolling. Regardless, I think TIMM could be low hanging fruit, and potentially start providing some funding for Eden on EOS fairly quickly without a ton of effort.

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I did mention this idea previously in the chat which you left early, I was considering running this idea