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Eden Proposal: passwordless authentication and private key management platform

(this proposal is inspired by John Bold idea/vision origin on 1JUN21)

EOS needs to clone the following onto the EOS Mainnet:

(an EOS clone of the) Torus Labs | Open-Source Key Management

Torus is the most secure passwordless authentication and private key management platform with the security guarantees of non-custodial Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

The tech to build it in a properly decentralized way already exists http://tor.us/

works with any blockchain, would enable one click signup, social login, social recovery, without end users worrying about keys

I think we need things like that first imo


Yes this is definitely a good proposal

Would John Boid be able to undertake the work? Would it be achievable with the funds on offer in the second trial election?

This is an interesting proposal, but before jumping in to implement it, we need an overview of the proposed solution. How does it work?

Where is the catch? if any. Is it centrally controlled? How do one start? Is it dependent on a centralized web site? What is the process for recovery? “lost my phone” now what? do I use my email and a one time password sent to that? What if the attacker gained access to my email?

This is a difficult challenge, I’m not sure what the answers of this proposed solution is to these questions. I would like to know more about this project before deciding.

Also, is this tied to one company and website? What happens if/when tor.us closes their business or decide they don’t want to service eos accounts?

We need a general technology that can be implemented in a decentralized way and is distributed. Not another centrally controlled single point of failure. Even if it’s just an option and not mandatory, I wouldn’t want this to be the go-to recommendation by eden for newcomers to the EOS blockchain.