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Proposal for Eden to consider: A more broad distribution of BP pay to include standby BPs

On behalf of Brandon Lovejoy’s (@lovejoy ) first mention on a recent Cryptowriter Podcast…

The following Proposal is for Eden government to consider when it goes live:

The Problem: The parameters have been set so that BP pay drops off so suddenly after the top 21, and thus standby BP get very little funding to stay strong and build for the network.

The Proposal: I propose a more broad distribution of standby BP pay.


  1. Keeping standby BPs around is a way that the community could fund talented teams that will develop and contribute to the community.
  2. We’ve already lost a lot of good talent, and now is the time to turn it around.

Please feel free to comment/reply so we can get something out quick when Eden goes live.

@ChrisBarnes @lukestokes

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I’d like to see backups provably demonstrating their infrastructure works and is ready to participate in the mainnet at any moment. I really like how Hive rotates in all the backups based on their position as a backup. I’ve been told from the beginning that EOS is too high performant for that to work, but I still think it’s important. Even if it was just one round a day or every couple days, it’s important to know if the backups being paid are ready to do their job. The days of needing BP pay to do anything useful for the community will hopefully be behind us once we have a functioning WPS system which was supposed to be part of the original EOS design with 4% inflation to benefit community projects.