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Greetings, I’m Mark Scheer (earthman) - Introduction

Greetings, my name is Mark Scheer, (earthman), and I’m happy to be part of the EOS community!

I’m an EOS Genesis holder. I think my strengths are in experience in the overall space as I first bought Bitcoin in 2013, then moved to Ethereum in 2017, and on to EOS in 2018 and have seen the larger principles evolve over that time.

I like to use and test the EOSIO contracts, and interact with the bottom-line use cases, and this gives me a unique perspective on those real world technical applications.

Governance has emerged as centerpiece in the blockchain discussion/reality. That is, now that we have this trustless coded consensus network, how do we further secure it? That’s where EOS ‘Intent of Code is Law’ has appealed to me in the past, and where EdenOS appeals to me now. I first heard of Eden just a few months ago when Dan Larimer began speaking about it.

I believe EdenOS is at the front edge of ‘internetifying’ governance as a very exciting sequitur to all of our good work in ‘internetifying’ currency.

So inspired by this interest, I’d like to be a member of this movement and feel that if I am ever elected on any tier, I would be competent and trustworthy enough to effectively allocate funding within the EOS community and make decisions that would be smart, fair, and ultimately effective.

For now, my goal is membership, but again, am willing to take a leadership role as well.

Please consider this my formal request for membership into the alpha test phase of the Eden political playoffs process, and eventually into Eden as well.

For a specific example of something I think would benefit the community, I’ve laid out an introductory vision for a communications portal. Here’s a link to it: