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Any thoughts on how one would conceivably piece together an EOS translation portal for the 4 main language groups, EN, Manderin, SP, and Korean? I’m looking to work out an ideas framework that would speak to how something like that may look.


Translations for what type of content?

We have translation demands for apps and use a few platforms to assist us - but I’m not sure if that’s what you are looking for.

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Thanks for chiming in. Good question.

In that this is an early effort in scoping such a portal, I would propose that the translation portal limit its reach to that of this community forum, EOSCommunity.org, since this forum’s design is built around the idea that this be a center hub ‘one-stop-place’, a meeting point, for all things EOS. Make sense?

I haven’t put a ton of thought into it, but it makes sense to me. In addition, this sounds like an arguable/defensible value-added piece to the larger basic infrastructure piece-parts being stood up currently to unify the EOS Community.

Please all, comments/ideas/thoughts all welcome, with emphasis on how to effectively get this done.

Idea is very good, really need this function, I come from China, Chinese is our native language

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Thank you for your message. I really look forward to increasing the bandwidth between our communities!

Speaking to @ChrisBarnes just now on TG, he suggested some ideas and I’m summarizing those ideas and some additional thoughts as well below:

The following are some aspects to what we could stand up as a part of the EOS Translation Portal:

  1. Seeking now to build a list of people who can translate each of the various languages and are willing to help and donate some time. Please feel free to comment/reply to this thread and provide names of folks who may be capable and interested in this. (Languages do not need to be limited to the 4 I mentioned above, so feel free to throw out names for additional languages like German and French.)

  2. I would like to put up translated pages of the eospowerup.io site with buttons to switch it to the various languages. @John_Heeter

I’ve involved in many translation/localization projects for many years since 2009 with TED conferences. From my experience, the efficiency, quality and the cost of translation is largely dependent on the type of source content, i.e. subtitle, normal website UI/UX, blog article, etc., and the technical tools and process the central organizers and developers of the platform adopts to do it.

There’s many tools out there that can be considered to be integrated. Once there’s a right kind of technical solution adopted to the current forum and other important touch-points of the community, there will be many volunteers will show up to translate the content.


so basically, these folks have contacted us about using their translation technology for the EOS Translation Portal.

Here’s their “Telegram Translator”:

I’ll hafto rely on EOS dev folks with the expertise to piece together what is possible, but form the outset it looks promising.

And here’s a pretty good article about what they offer. They’re trying to get funding via their token platform which rides on the NEO blockchain apparently. Here’s their pitch:

BIG WIN for the EOS Translation Portal

Had a Voicechat re EOS Translation Portal - 31 May


TranslateMe Network has a working product

Chris spoke w TranslateMe Network folks and checked out their translation tool in realtime. TG. French. It worked very well. Realtime back/forth texting w autotranslation in the middle. it showed lots of promise.

They have a German Minimum Viable Product as well.

Basically, they have a working product that can translate Telegram chats in real-time.

It uses a machine learning / Neural Network to translate.

It needs bilingual folks to train/improve/edit the translation results.

TranslateMe may want to move from NEO to EOS

They may also be looking to migrate their token to EOS from NEO.

Continuing to work this forward

Chris and I will test this with an AMA on TG with another language community this week (Wednesday Mid day. Not scheduled yet)

We want to bring French, German to EOS as soon as possible, as they have these working.

They DONT have Chinese, Korean, and Spanish up and running yet. They need funding. And they’ll need translators. @Hahn @MaxCho @Corts

We want to fund this shortly following the first Eden Election.

We want to grow this FAST. We want to see what we can get done before the fist Eden Election in anticipation of a funding windfall for this program. so it’ll give us some time to verify these folks can deliver, and that this tech really fits with what we’re looking for.

So far it looks like a spot on match.

This is a model win for what Eden is capable of. Cooperation, EOS capability, Funding, speed of development/collaberation. It has a lot of the features of what our Eden folks are predicting Eden is capable of.

Please comment/reply!



Nice, Im sharing it with Spanish community.

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Coorespondance with a Chinese member of the EOS community (总监 迈克尔, @eoscnzj) just now as follows:

总监 迈克尔, [May 31, 2021 at 8:38:30 AM]:

Hello, are you a developer?

I just used it. I want to give you some feedback to see if it can be realized technically

EOS wallet integration, built-in VPN, Chinese language pack


I can’t speak English

I can only tell you some of my understanding, you just for reference

If you can use EOS recharge token is better, chat with DEX exchange

Please chime in Chinese community! We’re working toward a solution.

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I’d like to see. How they became interested in migrating to EOS?

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this is unknown.

we meet with them on Wednesday. meeting time unknown.

please let me know if you would like me to keep you informed.

Looks great! This is a very exciting project!!!

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Greetings, I was thinking if you guys can include Arabic translations too :smiley: I know the EOS Arabia community is small but based on my research I expect EOS to explode in coming months/years. That will sure attract people from Arab world to EOS so we need to be ready when that happens. Is translating Dan’s book to Arabic a good start :confused:

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Thanks for your good input!

Currently the book is being transcribed into Hebrew, but we do not have an aerobic transcription effort.

I will definitely add Arabic to our list of languages that were targeting.