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EOS Projects in Need of Funding

I would like to build a wallet and finance product with elements of Argent, Compound, Uniswap, BlockFi and Binance.

This will be my second attempt. The first attempt I think I got the product and code right but I miscalculated badly on legal and community outreach. That is what I need funding for. I’d like the product to be licensed and regulated in the United States - so that’ll take a lot of funding. I’d also like to hire a public face or partner with one - as I’m not good at dealing with the bitter, condescending people in this community. Some people are great at that - I’m just good at writing code and inventing things.


TIMM mentormarket.io

Some old-timer BPs will remember the mentormarket proxy. During the early days it was one of the larger ones and helped some of our better BPs out during that time.

As Eden pursues ways to gain resources, perhaps TIMM is some low hanging fruit that can be used.

In a nutshell, TIMM is a free market financial analysis site. Members can offer their insights for free or on subscriptions. TIMM simply provides the tools to do so, allowing for a free market approach.

It’s already an MVP right now. With some traffic, it could start providing services immediately.

Proposal: With the support of the community, TIMM will offer a % of gross proceeds to EOS on Eden.

Needs: TIMM really needs a good dev on-hand to massage the site to streamline it and trouble-shoot when things go wonky. Ideally a dedicated dev team would help advance the features as well.
And TIMM needs marketing, at least until reaching the critical mass stage where growth becomes more natural.

Additional proposal: I’ve been told that WordPress can be hosted on EOS main. It’s way beyond me, but it would be cool to be the first such site launched on the blockchain and possibly pave the way for new endeavors or additional business models (some of which I already have ideas and models for, but first things first).

Tokenization: I don’t really know if there’s a great model for tokenizing on TIMM. I’ve been reluctant to do it just because I can. But I’m open to methods of gamifying and tokenizing the project, if we can come up with a good compelling reason to. It’s simply a matter of whether we should just because we can and, if so, what’s the best model.

Funding: I don’t know if funding is needed. It depends on how others want to participate. If the dev and marketing teams are interested in equity or some sort of profit sharing, I’m more than happy to cover operating expenses until profitable. If the dev and/or marketing team need to be paid, then we can discuss funding. Personally, I’d rather just roll it out and share in the profits. But I’m open to ideas.

I didn’t take this to EOStarter because I don’t know that it needs funding and if it’s a good model for tokenization. However, if it will help the community and other projects, I’d be more than happy for us to use it to get something rolling. Regardless, I think TIMM could be low hanging fruit, and potentially start providing some funding for Eden on EOS fairly quickly without a ton of effort.

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I did mention this idea previously in the chat which you left early, I was considering running this idea

Hi I may run with this idea, perhaps we could have a chat to discuss

What about a token integration team which is responsable to integrate tokens with eos. Also the team is responsable to integrate tokens on eos with exchanges. For example we still dont have eos usdt on binance. Its a very bad userexperience to transfer tokens from one exchange to the other. Liquidity is fundamental to attract new users…

Blockchains have the potential to revolutionize our legacy systems and to bring more transparency and security. Even though blockchain is on pace to deliver on its promise, usability has lagged due to poor onboarding and user experience.

The EOS community has been providing customer service through the EOS community telegram group. While beneficial, the service is not optimal. It is well known that an organization that can provide fantastic service sets itself apart from the competition. The goal is to set EOS apart from its competitors. Imagine a community-built customer service on a public blockchain.

We propose a model for professional customer support for the eos community.

Situational Appraisal:

  • EOS community has Telegram support for users, but it is not ideal

Project Objectives:

  • Well Organized platform to provide customer service support for EOS users
  • first public blockchain to have dedicated customer support
  • Help make EOS very user-friendly.
  • Prevent users from scams
  • Introduce EOS courses for people who want to become EOS support reps
  • Design tutorial courses for businesses, authenticators, etc., that are built on EOS.
  • Obtain funds, donations, and tips for dedicated EOS Support representatives
  • Provide network effect for EOS

Measures of Success

  • Number of happy users in the EOS community
  • a positive survey from the EOS/Eden communities
  • Decreased User frustrations in the EOS community
  • Number of businesses asking for EOS support’s services in the EOS community
  • Number of people who signs up to become EOS support representative

Methods and Options:

Immediate Action to bootstrap:

  • Calendly.com or WPCal.io
  • Telegram only EOS support channel with only vetted EOS support representatives

Future Action:

  • EOS Support Platform

Joint Accountabilities:


EOS Support representatives

EOS and Eden Community support



Would go a long way toward improving the community. Hope I can help.

I like your thoughts. As I mentioned in Telegram, it would be interesting to see how one could approach this using the https://qubicles.io/ software running on Telos. The funding would have to go into a pool that pays out to people who have provided support.

Potential problems:

If we pay people to provide customer service, then it seems there should be a mechanism in place to avoid mass spam. We want to encourage quality over quantify, and we want to make sure that people are not simply emptying the pool of funds via a Sybil attack/pretending to be the questioner and the support at the same time.

I do see a slight decentralization problem with it though… who gets to decide what the service message includes? Who sets the standard? When is a question deemed properly answered and who decides? As with public schools, who decides the curriculum?

If I get to control the message, then I become a sort of authority figure that herds the sheep. If people are simply asking “what wallet to use?” or “where to buy EOS?” etc. this can be exploited for profit. I could simply keep guiding people towards projects I am heavily invested in.

I’m having trouble visualizing exactly what you hope to achieve. A cryptocurrency-enabled Stack Overflow might be a better idea. Still, whenever there’s a faucet with crypto tokens, that attracts scammers.

Funding/big donations to the platform as a whole would be directed into EOS support acct to be distributed as UBI to EOS support reps. % of funds would be used to develop educational courses, improvement of the EOS support platform and attempt to expand the platform into other languages.

To prevent sybil attack/pretending, donations/tips would go straight to EOS support reps.

There will be ratings. Customer ratings will encourage quality service.

Eden process of consensus-building would be used to decide on what standards are set and the message. The Idea is to support the best projects and authenticators in the EOS community.

Customer satisfaction would help reps decide on how the support team is doing as a whole

Each rep will have their identity tied to their accts

I hope to create an EOS support platform better than what we have currently. The status quo of people spending most of their time in telegram groups to answer questions for free should be improved.


Hey Palmer,

I wrote the first Music NFT standard here, GitHub - currentxchange/Music-NFT-Standard: 👩‍🎤 cXc.world's Schema Recommendation for Music NFTs 💿 on Atomic Assets on WAX blockchain ⛓️,

We’re also a music mapp (cXc.world) that plans to put this into a simple form on out website.

I’d love to work together towards the goal of furthering emerging artists + Music!

We also focus on helping the small artists.

Let’s talk!

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Hi friend!

I’ve seen your standard for music on AtomicHub. It seems to me an important contribution, congratulations.

I left this message on the forum a few months ago and since then I have been working on a project to bring more artists to EOS. We are very close to launch but we will really start small and grow.

Maybe you could do something here. I will write you by telegram.

count me in. I would like to be a part of the EOS Swarm Representatives that solve problems for the greater community…

EOS Project & Voting Portal Proposal

We just need 2000 EOS, which can be repayable taken from collected fees!
1st Phase built and usable within a few weeks

It is quite apparent that the EOS / Eden community urgently need a single online web location (Website that can be logged in via their EOS account) for the following via a phased approach:

  1. Candidate Project funding - Uploading of EOS project proposals requiring funding
  2. Voting system - The website will allow EOS token holders to log in (via their wallet) and vote on their favourite Candidate & project proposal, the voting majority will enable the winning team/s full/partial funding
  3. Work required - Uploading of any EOS Task / Job / Project that members need completing
  4. Bidding - Freelancers/Suppliers can bid for various work requirements advertised on the site ie Developers, Designers, Hosting, Support, Bloggers etc, bids are placed over a set time period and then the best bids are chosen and accepted
  5. Suppliers KPI Star ratings league table - Customers of completed work packages will have the ability to leave feedback on a std questionnaire (Star rating) on Suppliers who have completed tasks ie Suppliers who are in the EOS community, provide quality work at a fair price and deliver on time and budget will get maximum stars, this will help identify the best teams through their place in the league table
  6. Project status visibility - Funded project teams (we suggest) will need to update their project status on this site before further stage funds are released, for full project status visibility, useful for keeping projects on track and improve fund allocation
  7. Completed Projects - location to view all completed tasks/projects (chronological order) work history, end results, URL’s etc

If this proposal is successful, I believe this will be instrumental in massively speeding up the current project funding process, standardising project documentation, improve accountability which will not only increase the current/future EOS development take-up but will help to build our EOS network and in turn increase the token value.

Key Points (Phase 1)

  • Single website location EOSProject.io to provide visibility of EOS only Candidates & projects requiring funding from Eden & or third party’s
  • Project Portal users will need to login on-site using their EOS account to view/register/upload / vote projects
  • Project owner/candidate registration, details of organization are captured
  • Proposer uploads project/s requiring funding (10 EOS* fee per project proposal (system self-sustainable)),
  • All Project funding proposals uploaded become visible on-site (filterable) showing overview of project(s), negotiable/non-negotiable tasks, funding required/proposed fund % allocations, project timelines, ROI, benefits to EOS community i.e., increased network effect / token price increase
  • Project Funding Requests are categorised and grouped by Project type in alphabetical / date submission order/votes received, the requests will show high-level detail to maximise the number of requests per page, each request view can be expanded to view more detailed information i.e. Owners, Project detail, funding value required, Fund % allocation, the purpose of the project, estimated project timelines, estimated ROI, potential value to EOS and its community (financial / network growth) links to additional Project documentation
  • Voting system to allow EOS token holders to vote for their top 3 separate projects suitable for funding (through their EOS account)
  • Candidates / Projects with the most votes go to the top of the Projects league table
  • Project Funding allocation will be provided after the voting time window has expired, the projects with the highest votes receive the agreed fund allocations (over periods specified)
  • Projects funds allocated page and status i.e. completed, ongoing, paused

Funds (If granted the 2000 EOS)

100% Development of phase 1 (John Heeter creator of EOS Power-Up)

Situation Appraisal

We urgently need a single location for EOS Candidate project funding visibility

Project Objectives

  • Provide Candidates (Developers / Project owners) ability to access EDEN funding
  • Provide EOS Community members visibility and voting opportunities for EOS Projects
  • Improve EOS development funding allocation and visibility
  • Improve visibility of EDEN funded projects

Measures of Success

  • System delivered on time and budget
  • System provides functionality highlighted in phase 1
  • Multiple EOS projects uploaded and visible
  • Voting and funding process works
  • Funding provided
  • Completed projects through funding benefits the EOS community

Return on Investment

  • Increased Project development
  • Increased network effect
  • Increased Token value
  • Increased Project funding requests
  • Self-sustainable solution

Timing and Deliverables

  • Mid-August - Phase 1 of System start if funding received
  • Mid-September system completed/hosted and usable
  • Future development phases to be agreed/funded by the EOS / EDEN community


Melvin Pearce accountabilities:

  • Testing and approving development work
  • Manage and oversee the project to completion
  • Oversee ongoing system management

Like this idea, I know there is a translator for telegram that the EOSmarketplace team use for Spanish / English

"Apple built a platform that allowed developers an easy way to develop, market, and sell games and apps.

Right, it’s being built, with large parts being built on shoestring budgets by independent teams that need funding. Eden needs to help fund that - not individual “apps and games” (in this analogy)."

Source (Aaron Cox from Greymass): Telegram: Contact @EdenOSinfo