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Account Creation -- Eden Funding Proposal


Every EOS user needs an account. Because of the unique structure of the EOS account system, new accounts right now can’t simply be generated for free (like addresses in Ethereum). This has created some barriers to entry and onboarding challenges for dApps and services. Our goal is to fix that.

We’ve created a simple and easy account creation tool to help onboard the next generation of EOS users. We’re seeking funding to continue the development of this tool and to actively use it to bring in new users.

How it Works

We’ve built an account creation system and protocol that works across web, mobile, and our desktop app. We’ve built in a lot of flexibility so that users can pay in a variety of ways. This system also features account creation through codes, meaning accounts can be purchased in advance and given to other new users.

We’ve already built the first version of this tool, which you can read more about it here.

Current Features

  • users can create accounts on EOS, Proton, Telos, and WAX
  • users can purchase accounts with a credit card (via Stripe)
  • users can purchase accounts on mobile via the App Store on iOS or the Play Store on Android
  • generates owner key certificates for users (which can be printed out for offline storage)
  • accounts can be pre-loaded with network resources
  • key generation is handled for the user inside Anchor; no more copying and pasting keys into websites


Onboarding new users is one of the most important things we must standardize and improve in order to grow and develop the EOS ecosystem. We believe that a simple, intuitive, and flexible account creation system is one of the most important pieces of infrastructure that will benefit the entire community of EOS users, dApps, and services.

We’re seeking funding from Eden because we believe that we can efficiently use capital to build this tool and new features in a way that benefits all of the EOS community. We’ve been in EOS for the long-haul and have proven our ability to execute and deliver on projects like this.

Most importantly, this funding will allow us to hire additional developers to increase the scope and pace of our work.


We’d use funding from EOS to expand and improve the product with the following features:

  • allowing dApps and services to offer free accounts to their users via a pre-generated code
  • allowing dApps to integrate with Anchor to allow a “sign up” with account purchases directly from within their own projects
  • integrating account creation into our upcoming web wallet
  • offering crypto-based payment options (like EOS, WAX, etc)
  • creating open-source standards for other wallets to integrate into this same flow and use the same technologies

The above is a concept our designers created to illustrate how it could work - not that it specifically will work this way. We still are in the R&D phase and everything is subject to change.

Our Team

Greymass has been involved in the EOSIO ecosystem since its inception, and our team members were active in Steem and BitShares before that. We serve as a block producer on a number of chains, and we’ve built out tools and infrastructure for the community.

Some of our notable projects include Anchor Wallet (desktop and mobile), Greymass Fuel, our upcoming web wallet, our APIs, and more.

What’s Next?

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section?

If you’d like to see this tool exist, please vote for us in the upcoming Eden election!


purchased, but “launch Anchor on this device” does not open anchor on my Windows 10 or Android Pixel

Looks great, excellent writeup as well. I’ll advocate for this during the next Eden election!

Sorry for the delayed response. Make sure you upgrade Anchor on both of your devices - 1.3.0 for desktop and 0.30.4 for Android are required.

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