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Account Creation with Anchor on all platforms, now available!

In February of 2021 we launched our account creation system exclusively for the iOS version of Anchor. Since then we have created thousands of accounts for new users and offered an easy to use onboarding experience. Today we are excited to announce that account creation is now available on all platform supported by Anchor!

With todays launch anyone can now purchase new accounts using:

  • In-app purchases on both iOS and Android.
  • Credit card purchases for all versions of Anchor through our new website at create.anchor.link.

The systems support account creation for the EOS, Proton, Telos and WAX blockchains.

After the purchase is completed in these locations, the account creation process launched in Anchor will automatically create separate owner/active keys for the new account and guide the user through creating an Owner Key Certificate to store their owner key safely for recovery purposes.

Note: Both desktop and Android users will need to update Anchor to the newest versions.

Web-based purchases, for yourself or others!

The new web service running at create.anchor.link acts as an online store that allows anyone to purchase an account. Just visit the site, select the blockchain you’d like to purchase an account for, and complete the purchase!

After the purchase is complete:

  • An email is sent to the purchaser with a link to create the account (if they’d prefer to do it later).
  • The purchaser can choose to create the account themselves, either by:
    • Clicking a link on the confirmation screen to launch Anchor on their current device.
    • Scanning the QR code from another device running Anchor.
  • The purchaser can also choose to share the account creation URL with someone else, giving them the opportunity to create a brand new account without having to pay themselves.

Once Anchor is launched with this code, the user will select an available account name and the account will be ready to use!

In-app purchases to easily setup an account for yourself

We have had in-app purchases in iOS for months now and it has proven to be a great success. With just a few taps you can easily create a new account and get started using the blockchain. This feature is now available on Android (as of 0.30.4) and will allow users to automatically use the payment methods they have setup for use in the Play Store.

Owner Key Certificates

Also with todays release, we have upgraded all versions of Anchor to support the owner key certificates format we introduced in January of 2021. These certificates serve as an offline backup of your account (the owner key) for use with any compatible wallet.

With the certificate in hand, you can easily:

  1. Add a wallet to new device and so you can access your account.
  2. Reset all devices associated to your account (e.g. if your account becomes compromised).
  3. Import your Owner Key directly if you’re a power user and need to deal with permissions.

Every version of Anchor has processes in place to walk you through creating, printing/saving, and filling out the 6-words required to complete this process. You can then use the certificate to import your account on desktop or mobile!

We also be open sourcing a number of client SDKs related to owner key certificates and encouraging adoption of these standards within other creation services and wallets.

Account Creation Protocol

Behind the scenes all of the account creation is done using a new account creation protocol we have been working on. We spent a significant amount of time trying to find the easiest and most secure way possible to onboard users into the ecosystem, one which didn’t require new users to perform confusing steps such as:

  • Generate and saving new key pairs
  • Copying and pasting public keys (not private) into websites

We have bigger plans for these technologies that we’ll be sharing soon!

Looking for Anchor?

You can download Anchor in the following locations:

Questions? Comments? Issues?

We’re excited to finally release and start talking about this initiative! Ask your questions or let us know your thoughts and we’ll be happy to engage on how these new systems can help usher in an era of increased adoption for these EOSIO chains.

If you have any problems with these new systems, please let us know!


hi, i did use this service to open WAX account, i pay 0,99$
then follow the step to create my account, and got trouble to register with my legder wallet, anchor keep give error, so i end up register my wallet without ledger wallet
now i try to manually register my legder wallet manually by changing permission like i did for my Telos wallet but i cant
see attached picture …
thnaks for your help


Hrm, I can’t see the menu bar - but is the wallet unlocked?

A second question I guess would be which permission is imported, is it the active key? It should say “hot / active” or something in the user sector in the top bar.

yeah wallet unlocked

this you mean ?

all i did was create 0,99$ wax wallet …

Huh, you may have run into a bug or something if the permissions section isn’t allowing you to update the active permission then. The account as you have it loaded should work.

I’ll take a look and see if I can reproduce and figure out what’s going on here.

i did nothing just buy wax wallet 0,99$ and fail to register with ledger wallet that all i done, i use the latest anchor version under Ubuntu

i found out tha i have to manually to import Owner account, then switch to owner and now i can change permission … anoying whane you dont know about it

now the problem i have is, from my EOS wallet i swap some EOS to WAX then i try to send some WAX form my EOS wallet to my new WAX wallet, but i got



i wish EOS/wax wallet was like any other wallet … easy to create/use …

Importing the owner permission is one way to do it - but you should be able to do it with the active permission as well, which I’m planning on looking into this week.

How are you trying to swap? EOS and WAX are different blockchains, and you can’t directly send from one to another. You’d need to exchange EOS for WAX (or in reverse) on an exchange or defi platform in order to do that.

used aclor dex

i try to find a simple way to get wax on my wallet, but too hard to find, i think i will give it up …

i dont understand why eos/wax/telos wallet are so complicated … not good for mass adoption

telos was way more easy to setup, and used newdex.io to buy send EOS/telos swap/send to both wallet

EOS wax … too hard, or not easy to find info …
thank for your help anyway

I’d check with the Alcor team about this one - I honestly didn’t know this existed and am not sure how that works exactly.

thanks for you great help and support !

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I currently experienced problems very similar to spzjulien’s initial problem, getting an error when trying to directly create a ledger-based account. I did the following:

  • went to create.anchor.link , chose to create a Telos account
  • paid successfully, received the email, opened the link for account creation
  • chose to “Launch Anchor on this device” (a MacBook Pro btw., everything running latest versions incl. Ledger Live, Ledger firmware), specified an account name
  • on “Confirm account creation” I checked the option to use my Ledger (a Nano X, btw), then reviewed the creation options and chose the recommended one
  • next thing I get (fully reproducible) is an “Anchor has encountered an error” message, followed by the following trace:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘publicKey’ of undefined
at new c (file:///Applications/Anchor%20Wallet.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/dist/renderer.main.prod.js:2:575757)
at Si (file:///Applications/Anchor%20Wallet.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/dist/renderer.main.prod.js:2:3905863)
at _a (file:///Applications/Anchor%20Wallet.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/dist/renderer.main.prod.js:2:3923305)
at Su (file:///Applications/Anchor%20Wallet.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/dist/renderer.main.prod.js:2:3961484)
at bc (file:///Applications/Anchor%20Wallet.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/dist/renderer.main.prod.js:2:3952925)
at yc (file:///Applications/Anchor%20Wallet.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/dist/renderer.main.prod.js:2:3952850)
at uc (file:///Applications/Anchor%20Wallet.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/dist/renderer.main.prod.js:2:3949880)
at file:///Applications/Anchor%20Wallet.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/dist/renderer.main.prod.js:2:3901521
at t.unstable_runWithPriority (file:///Applications/Anchor%20Wallet.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/dist/renderer.main.prod.js:2:4432695)
at Qo (file:///Applications/Anchor%20Wallet.app/Contents/Resources/app.asar/dist/renderer.main.prod.js:2:3901230)

Any ideas what to do from here? I really don’t want to have a hot wallet instead…

It sounds like the Ledger may not be connected if it can’t find the public key of it.

If you look in the upper right on the menu bar, there should be a USB icon up there that shows you the connection status of your Ledger. Make sure that says “Connected” and then try.

My Ledger is connected and functional, I already checked that thoroughly.

Before starting the procedure from the web page („Launch Anchor on local device) I already had started Anchor manually, checked for an established connection to my Ledger and, only for validation of it, went to the Tools section and read and verified my public key. All went well, except the subsequent account creation.

Good to know - I’m going to do a bit of testing to see if I can reproduce the issue with the steps you provided.

I was able to reproduce instantly and found the issue. We’ll get this packaged up and release a version 1.3.2 with the fix.

Great to hear, both that I was able to help with my report and that it’ll be fixed soon. Can’t wait to use Telos on its home network :slight_smile:

Aaron, don’t wanna bug, but when can a release be expected? Can’t wait any more to dive into the Telos space :grimacing: