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Chief Delegate Fund Usage - 1st term

Following the inspiration by Chris in his funding usage report:

I decided I should probably do one of my own. It would be possible to follow along using a block explorer to see this information, but a written summary of how I allocated the funding throughout my 6 month term in plain english is probably best.

When I ran for the first ran, this was the platform I ran on - a way to ease the adoption of EOS through improved onboarding tools.

The major features we talked about in this post are outlined below. Bolded, as a sub-item to each of these items, is an update as of today as where that idea is at.

  • allowing dApps and services to offer free accounts to their users via a pre-generated code
    • This is complete, our code system is online and we have manually distributed codes to many applications to give away.
  • allowing dApps to integrate with Anchor to allow a “sign up” with account purchases directly from within their own projects
    • This is nearly complete. We have a solid MVP of the SDK that applications will need to integrate with, and all 3 versions of Anchor (Desktop, iOS, Android) have integrated some protocol upgrades to make the UX of this process better. A release is slated as soon as we complete a few more tweaks.
  • integrating account creation into our upcoming web wallet
    • The initial integration is complete and worked into our redesign of unicove.com. A pull request is sitting on the github repo with some minor changes that need to be made.
  • offering crypto-based payment options (like EOS, WAX, etc)
    • No progress on this, we didn’t have the time to get this far.
  • creating open-source standards for other wallets to integrate into this same flow and use the same technologies
    • This should be possible with how we created it, but it’s not written up into a published standard.

While we couldn’t devote ourselves completely to this project - we feel we’ve hit the first major milestone adequately during this 6-month term, despite taking on a lot of other responsibilities during that same time period. We plan to continue on with the development of these systems and continue to improve them as time moves forward.

Account creation is still one of the largest and most important obstacles we need to overcome.

For the work on the account creation project proposal, I performed a single transfer from my CD budget to Greymass:

January 5th 2022 - 7,781.0733 EOS
$2.92 at the time for $22,720.734036 USD

The work we performed over the past 6 months probably outweighs what we were paid, but when we pitched this project we anticipated we’d earn about $20,000 USD for the project and scoped it as such. Just because sortition chose me as the head chief delegate - I didn’t want to just take more for the same amount of work.

With the excess I was allocated as the sortition winner, I chose to support other Eden-based projects. This helped reduce the gap between the sortition winner and other winning delegates.

In summary, this included allocating funding towards:

  • EOS Support (another CD project)
  • EOS Bees (another CD project)
  • Violet Garden (another CD project)
  • Media Creation (converting our regular calls into more consumable content)

For a complete overview, here’s what I have recorded in a spreadsheet with links to each transaction:

As of the writing of this post, I still have about 8k of the 28k EOS budget remaining. My intention was to use a portion on Pomelo, use a portion to support other projects within Eden, and potentially put it towards other public goods. The challenge so far has just been finding the time to decide how to allocate that funding. If all else fails, I’ll consider ideas others may present or even just claim it and return it to the treasury for future budget allocations.