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Unicove — Your Portal to EOSIO Blockchains

One of our goals at Greymass has been to create products, tools, and protocols that facilitate the easiest and safest user experiences in crypto. The latest project we’ve been building to help further that goal is a comprehensive EOSIO web wallet which we previously announced here.

Today we’re releasing its new name and brand, as well as it’s new home on the web:

Unicove / unicove.com

Why a Web Wallet?

We started by building Anchor Desktop— a full-feature desktop wallet for EOSIO blockchains. Later we built Anchor Mobile— which primarily acts as an authenticator and place to securely store your keys.

By separating out key management and the wallet interface, we can offer even more security, usability, and flexibility to the end user. Unicove is built to work with Anchor-- users hold their keys securely on their desktop or mobile device, and then they can access a full-feature web wallet from any available browser. In addition, this allows us to iterate more quickly on the wallet— we can easily add new features without ever compromising user security.

We also felt like there was a hole that we needed to fill in the EOSIO ecosystem. There has yet to be an EOSIO-focused web wallet that combines feature richness and ease of use. We aim to build a MyEtherWallet equivalent for EOSIO.

Major Features

At its core, Unicove will offer all of the core features of any EOSIO wallet. This includes the ability to send and receive tokens, manage resources, earn on tokens, participate in governance, and much more.

In addition, we’ve created and continue to build out a number of unique features that we’re super excited to share with the community. Not every one of these has been completely built yet, but they are all part of the roadmap and final product vision.

Account Creation

Unicove will work directly with the account creation platform we’ve built for Anchor so that users can easily create a new account from the website and pair it with Anchor. We’ll do this not only to improve user onboarding, but to serve as a working example of how any application can do the same.

The account creation platform will support both fiat and crypto payments for account creation, and also allow dApps and services to offer free accounts to their users via a pre-generated code.

For more information on account creation, see our recently funded Eden proposal.

Management of Tokens and Funds

Unicove creates a central hub where you can easily manage all of your account balances. You’ll see an overview of all of the various tokens you hold, historical information, and you’ll be able to easily send and receive tokens.

Resource Management

At the core of Unicove, our goal is to make it so users never have to think about network resources. CPU, NET, and RAM will all be things of the past as we deeply integrate our Fuel to manage it all. For users who’d still like to manage all of their own resources, they’ll have full capacity to do so with tools designed to be easy to use. Support for staking, REX, and PowerUp will all be included for the networks that support them.


There are a number of ways to earn a return on your tokens natively within various EOSIO blockchains. Unicove will allow you to easily discover and manage these.


Unicove is 100% open-source. This allows us to not only illustrate best practices when building apps, but also allows anyone in the community to get involved in development.

Other notable features include:

  • Use Anchor to sign-in to the web wallet using your EOS, FIO, Proton, Telos or WAX account(s).
  • Supports signing in multiple accounts across multiple blockchains with instant swapping.
  • Designed with devices of all shapes and sizes in mind, works great on mobile and desktop.
  • Includes both a light and dark mode, automatically set based on your device preferences.
  • Displays known tokens and prices, as well as the accounts value.

Get Started Today

The early beta version of Unicove is live, and you can start testing it today!

Want to Get Involved?

Greymass is actively seeking talented individuals to join our team for projects like this. If you’d like to help us build the best blockchain user experiences out there, please reach out at team@greymass.com!


I like the branding! Unicorn meets Starbucks. (finance meets coffee time)

Thankful for the tools you and the team are making.

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Great project idea. Can we please change the “untitled”?

Redesign of the homepage is in the works. Concepts and content are just about done.

This sounds like a perfect solution to
Improve onboarding, current user experience and security, very impressed :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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