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EOS FAQ most frequently asked questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions around EOS

Unregistered EOS token holder

Q: I am an unregistered EOS token holder and I have access to my Ethereum Private Key. What do I have to do?

A: EOS tokens (ERC-20) in your Metamask wallet are frozen forever. But if you have them, you are entitled to receive the same number of EOS tokens on the EOS blockchain.

Follow the step by step guide here: How to access my ERC-20 EOS after the ICO? | EOS User Support Center


Unstaking from REX did not work

Q: I unstaked my token from REX and after the waiting period the tokens are still not unstaked

A: You might have to manually call the refund process: Unstake did not work | EOS User Support Center

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EOS Wallet and Ledger

Q: I have problem with my ledger.

A: Use the newest Anchor Wallet https://greymass.com/en/anchor/. Here you find a step-by-step guide how to setup your ledger with Anchor: How to add EOS account to your Ledger Nano X/S using Anchor wallet (easiest and fastest way) | by Sami Kujanpää | Medium

or check the EOS Forum:

Here: https://forums.eoscommunity.org/t/looking-for-instructions-to-connect-ledger-to-anchor

Or here: https://forums.eoscommunity.org/t/using-anchor-to-change-permissions-of-an-existing-eosio-account-to-use-a-ledger/

Change EOS Wallet, wallet is no more working or access lost

Q: I want to change my EOS wallet. I still have my private key. What do I need to do?

A: Don’t panic! The EOS accounts are stored in RAM on the blockchain. As long you have your private key, you can access your account with any wallet. Just install a new EOS wallet, insert your private key and you will have access again to your account.

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RAM, CPU or NET problems

Q: I can’t transact because of RAM, CPU or NET error message

A: The REX (ResourceEXchange) transition from the old “staking” resource model to the new EOS PowerUp Model. This means staking to CPU is no more necessary (It is still active, but highly inefficient). From now on, there is like in ETH, a transaction fee you have to pay for each transaction.

Solution 1) Use free transactions

Just use free transactions from bloks, eosauthority, wombat and/or Anchor wallet

eosauthority.com just introduced unlimited free transactions today 8. of April 2021 with the use with Scatter, Tokenpoket, Wombat, Anchor, or any other supported EOS wallet. To keep the service free, you can donate to the EOS account “cpuauthority”

Solution 2) Rent resources (CPU/Net) for 24 hours. This is possible with:



Or for now, there is as well eospowerup.io, sponsored by boid.com (the social superccomputer) and the EOS community. You can power up your account for free for 24 hours. Its free for you, but have in mind, that the EOS community is donating EOS to this contract and is paying for your transactions. To keep the service free, you can donate to the EOS account “eospowerupio”

Solution 3) Install a wallet like Anchor, which is handling everything for you

We recommend to install Anchor Wallet Version 1.2.0 or higher. Doesn’t matter which wallet you have now. After download https://greymass.com/en/anchor/, just insert your private key to access your EOS account. This wallet offers around 5-10 free transactions per day (sponsored by Greymass) and after you used them up there is an automated resources management, which will take care of the resources. You just have to watch out that you have some EOS liquid in your account. The wallet will calculate for each transaction what you need (RAM, CPU and NET) and will offer you a transaction fee per transaction, which should be around 0.01 EOS. Like this you can continue transacting on the network, without the need to power up all the time. Realize that if you don’t have EOS in your account, you will not be able to pay for the transaction fees. In this case Anchor Wallet will show you an “overdrawn balance” error.

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How to get returns on EOS?

Q: How does staking work?

A: If you want to have returns, you need to ether lend your tokens to REX and/or vote for BP’s or stake it to a EOS DeFi dapp.

1) Lend to REX and vote for Block Producers (More or less risk free, APY 1-4%). It’s possible to do both. Lend to REX and vote for BP’s to get double rewards.

  • Lend your tokens to REX to get the profit from network fees like the miners on BTC or ETH: https://www.bloks.io/rex?tab=lend

  • Vote for a Block Producer to add voting rewards:

Public Proxies who give rewards: https://genpool.io/

EOS Nation (Top BP): https://proxy.eosnation.io/

Or Newdex BP: https://newdex.io/newpool/eos

2) Stake your EOS to EOS DeFi (more risk! Its DeFi! DYOR! APY 5-20%)

  • An overview over EOS DeFi dapps you can find here https://www.eosx.io/defi or here https://forums.eoscommunity.org/t/eos-wallet-overview/1299/3

  • Check “The Ultimate Yield Farming Guide for EOS” https://blog.defiyield.app/the-ultimate-yield-farming-guide-for-eos-9fe6d8d07f37

  • Or use DAPP Account DAO DeFi: You can stake your EOS on superdad.finance to mine DAD tokens. Your staked EOS will get lent to REX and will voted as well for BP. Plus on top they will mine DAD tokens as well. You get them every hour. You can then stake this DAD tokens as well to increase your share and get even more DAD tokens. On ecurve.finance you can then lock your mined DAD tokens (attention: if you lock them on eCurve, you can not withdraw them until the lock period is over!) to mine eCRV tokens. This eCRV tokens you can lock up on eCurve as well to get a share of the daily stable coin swap fees. This means you get TRIPOOL tokens (You can withdraw TRIPOOL on eCurve to USDT or lock them to mine even more eCRV).

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Active and Owner keypair / permission

Q: What is active and owner keypair? Why is it good to have 2 different private keys?

A: It will increase your security. With your EOS account you have an owner and an active permission. Both have a public and a private key. With the owner permission you are allowed to change this keypair. With the active permission you are not allowed to change your keypairs. So, I would recommend you to change your active key if both keypairs are the same. Since when you do a mistake, you still have access with your owner key and you can change the active key again. If you do a mistake changing your owner key, you will no longer be able to change any keys when you lose access to your owner key. So, you will have:

Your 12 characters account name (This act as a owner or active public key, to make it easier to send money to an EOS account)

owner private key (with this one you have access to change owner and active keypairs)

owner public key

active private key (this one you use for your daily transactions)

active public key

Keep your owner key on a cold storage and not on your computer in your wallet. When you get hacked, you don’t want the hackers stealing your owner key. So, after you create a new active key, first login with your active, make sure it works and after delete your owner keypair from your wallet. On https://eosauthority.com/alerts?network=eos you can create eMail and Telegram alerts for your EOS account, sending you eMail or telegram message on any account activity. Then to increase your security, you can stake your tokens you have. Most staking has an unstaking period. If you then get hacked and somebody is able to steal your active private key, they first have to unstake your tokens. Then you will get a message from the eosauthority bot or eMail. Then you know, you got hacked, but the hacker still cannot transfer your money, since it’s in the unstake period. You can now take your owner key, which the hackers don’t have, since you stored it on a cold wallet and away from internet access. You change the active keypair to a new one and the hacker will lose the access before they can transfer your tokens out.

And yes, Anchor and any other wallets will bring out a big fat warning when you try to change your keys. This is because there are some scams out there (websites) which pretend to be claiming airdrops, and when you click on them, it tries to change your keys. Like this the hackers will get access and you lose your access. Users mostly don’t read what transactions they are signing, and a lot of people then sign something they don’t want to. So, most of the wallets decided to bring out a big fat warning whenever an attempt is made to change your keys, even when you really want to do it. But the wallet doesn’t know that. Better to bring out a big fat warning and people overthink again what they are doing.


Scam? Blockchain? Decentralized?

Q: Is EOS not scam? Is EOS really a blockchain? Is EOS decentralized?

A: No EOS is NOT a scam and YES, EOS is a decentralized blockchain

There was a lot of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) about EOS the last 2 years. Maybe there were even FUD campaigns going on. And we have seen a lot of articles with just wrong information, which got spread. Read more here about debunking FUD and wrong information about EOS: https://forums.eoscommunity.org/t/debunking-fud-and-wrong-information-around-eos

Documentation for MSIGs using Bloks

Q: How do I create an MSIG?

A: Easiest way is to switch the toggle on Bloks, then use their web wallet to generate a transaction.

Then when you go to execute the transaction, instead of your wallet prompting you to sign, you will see all of the MSIG fields that you can customize. If the Authorization is its own MSIG permission on an account, it will auto-populate all of the required signers.

Another tip is to click the gray “show” button at the bottom to expand a few additional fields. The default expiration on Bloks is only 7 days, so I’d suggest adding more time so that you don’t run into issues with MSIGs expiring. It’s always annoying to run around collecting all of the signatures and then go to execute it only to realize that the tx has already expired




Where can I find support or help?

If you have problems, the safest way is to ask in the direct chat on the EOSsupport.io website.

The other safe way is to search the EOS community forum:

or search for tutorials on https://eosio.support/

You can get help as well in the EOS Discord channel: https://discord.gg/8Sa2vK5f

Or you can get help in the EOS telegram channels.

But take care: As soon you write in public telegram channels, there are scammers waiting for you to steal your tokens. They will direct message you and say they are the admins. The profile looks exactly the same as the profile from the admins, but it’s not them. It’s a scammer! The EOS telegram admins from any channel will never direct message you! If you get a direct message, please block them immediately and report them as scammers! Thanks!

Or to get help with problems, you can as well write to Ali from EOS Authority directly on Telegram t.me/eosauthoritysupport

Public telegram channels for EOS support:
EOS Mainnet: Telegram: Contact @EOSproject
EOS Authority: Telegram: Contact @eosauthority

General EOS channels

Telegram: Contact @EOSproject - 16.5k members

Telegram: Contact @EOSNetworkFoundation - 1775 members (was before Everything_EOS telegram, it’s now rebranded)

Telegram: Contact @bullisheos - 2000 members

Telegram: Contact @EOSPrice - 2400 members

Telegram: Contact @cryptowriter_public - 1800 members

EOS Wallet, Authenticator, Block Explorer channels

Telegram: Contact @tokenPocket_en - 16.3k members

Telegram: Contact @getwombat - 4800 members

Telegram: Contact @eosauthority - 2990 members

Telegram: Contact @bloks_cpu - 1000 members

Telegram: Contact @paytomat - 1700 members

Marketing EOS channels

Telegram: Contact @eosbees - Eden members marketing initiative EOS Bees 146 members

Telegram: Contact @EOSSHILLARMY - 68 members

Telegram: Contact @eos_neos - 68 members EOS Advertising

Telegram: Contact @DAPPSeals - 43 Members DAPPNetwork Advertising

Telegram: Contact @DADmarketing - 47 members DAD project

Governance and funding EOS channels

Telegram: Contact @EOSGov - 1300 members

Telegram: Contact @EdenOSinfo - 640 members Eden onboarding channel

“Eden Members” channel - 143 members (only members)

Telegram: Contact @eostarter - 180 members EOS launchpad

Telegram: Contact @tstarterio - 389 members EOSIO launchpad

Telegram: Contact @DAPPgovernance - 127 members DAPPNetwork gov

Telegram: Contact @dappfund - 98 members DAPPNetwork fund

Telegram: Contact @DADgovernance - 47 members DAD project

Telegram: Contact @DADproposal - 53 members DAD project

Telegram: Contact @eosdacio - 1660 members

Telegram: Contact @consortiumdac - 90 members

Telegram: Contact @krowntoken - 710 members

Developer EOS channels + Jobs

Telegram: Join Group Chat - 1400 members EOSIO Dev channel

Telegram: Contact @eosstudio - 880 members

Telegram: Contact @eden_dev - 46 members

Telegram: Contact @dappnetworkdevs - 450 members

Telegram: Contact @daddev - 175 members

Telegram: Contact @chaingraph_io - 18 members

Telegram: Contact @eos_jobs - 639 members

Telegram: Contact @eos_opportunities - ? members

Telegram: Contact @hirevibes_dapp - 490 members

EOS 21 Block Producer channels

Telegram: Contact @NewDexio - 440 members newdex.bp

Telegram: Contact @NewdexChat - 1930 members newdex.bp

Telegram: Contact @OKExOfficial_English - 66.7k members okcapitalbp1

Telegram: Contact @EOSNation - 1400 members eosnationftw

Telegram: Contact @generEOS - 1370 members genpool.io aus1genereos

Telegram: Contact @eosauthority - 2990 members eosauthority

Telegram: Contact @eosauthoritysupport → direct EOSauthority support (Ali)

Telegram: Contact @eosrapid - 28 members net.inc, kchat.io eosrapidprod

Telegram: Contact @atticlabeosb - 510 members atticlabeosb

Telegram: Contact @eos_cannon - 230 members eoscannonchn

Telegram: Contact @bitfinex - 13.6k members bitfinexeos1

https://t.me/ZBEOS - 136 members zbeosbp11111

https://t.me/eoshuobipool - 68 members eoshuobipool

https://t.me/eoshuobipoolen - 74 members eoshuobipool

https://t.me/helloeos123 - 272 members helloeoscnbp

https://t.me/polar_io - 573 members eosasia11111

https://t.me/eoseoul - 736 members eoseouldotio

https://t.me/eosflytomars - 5 members eosflytomars

https://t.me/bigonenews - 9600 members (only announcement) big.one

https://www.big.one - 135 members eosiosg11111

https://t.me/WhaleExGroup - 1700 members whaleex.com

https://t.me/Binance - 36k members (only announcement) binancestake

DAPPNetwork (EOS middleware) / database sidechains

https://t.me/LiquidAppsOfficial - 2000 members

https://t.me/dappprice - 396 members

https://t.me/dappaccount - 227 members

https://t.me/DAPPSolutionsCommunity - 116 members

https://t.me/BlockBaseNetwork - 470 members

DeFi projects EOS channels

Telegram: Contact @NewdexChat - 1940 members Newdex.io

Telegram: Contact @NewDexio - 440 members Newdex.io

https://t.me/dfsnet - 6000 members defis.network

https://t.me/dfsArmy - 70 members defis.network

https://t.me/Defibox - 1930 members defibox.io

https://t.me/defiBOXPrice - 190 members defibox.io

https://t.me/PIZZAUSDE - 1860 members pizza.finance

https://t.me/vigorprotocol - 1460 members vigor.ai

https://t.me/evodex_io - 154 members evodex.io

https://t.me/alcorexchange - 1780 members

https://t.me/equilibrium_eosdt_official - 13.8 members EOSDT Stablecoin project

https://t.me/DAD_Token - 500 members DAD = DAPPNetwork DeFi (superdad.finance, eCurve.finance, hegeos.io)

https://t.me/DAD_Price - 108 members DAD project

https://t.me/DAD_N - 168 members DAD project

https://t.me/prediqt - 365 members Everipedia prediction market

https://t.me/eosxdefi - 360 members EOSX DeFi

https://t.me/eosiodefi - 370 members EOSIO DeFi

https://t.me/eosdefi - 335 members EOS DeFi

https://t.me/eosoptionscom - 200 members Gravy project

https://t.me/eossov - 798 members soveos.one sovdex.io

https://t.me/eospowcommunity - 215 members eospow.org

https://t.me/pTokens - 596 followers (pBTC, pETH, etc - writing messages not allowed in this group)

https://t.me/ptodefi - 1880 members (seems to be a no more moderated channel)

https://t.me/amzcoinofficial - 4390 members

https://t.me/efi_global - 470 members (dolphinswap, HUB and DMD ← Developers left)

regulated DeFi/ProFi projects EOS channels

https://t.me/ChintaiNetwork - 1340 members (Focus Real Estate)

https://t.me/chex_token - 338 members (Focus Real Estate)

Real world use case / help for hyper inflation EOS channels / HumanFinance (HuFi)

https://t.me/eosmicroloanenglish - 177 members eosmarketplace.io <> eosmicroloan.com

https://t.me/newsemp - 200 members News channel eosmarketplace.io <> eosmicroloan.com

https://t.me/eosmicroloan_eosmarketplace - 3000 members (spanish speaking Venezuela channel)

MicroTasks - Work From Anywhere At Anytime

https://t.me/effectai - 8000 members

Social Supercomputer

https://t.me/Boidcom_official - 630 members


https://t.me/pumlofficial - 4000 members

Ride sharing (like Uber)

https://t.me/Eva_coop - 1000 members

EOS Exchanges / Fiat onramp

https://t.me/cryptolocally - 3200 members

https://t.me/trade100xcommunity - 120 members

https://t.me/bitcash_org - 24 members

EOS Knowledge Portal

https://t.me/everipedia - 4700 members Everipedia

Decentralized web / WebHosting on EOS

https://t.me/deWebio - 150 members

Telegram: Contact @eosrapid - 28 members (dapp.surf / net.inc. seems I can’t post here anything)

EOS Social Media / Music projects

https://t.me/eosvoice - 1150 members voice.com

https://t.me/VoiceGoGo - 337 members voice.com

https://t.me/B1Voice - 124 members voice.com

https://t.me/SenseToken - 1390 members (seems to be abandoned channel from Sense.chat)

https://t.me/emanateofficial - 1400 members (Spotify on EOS)

https://t.me/eosdiscussionsapp - 329 members (EOS Forum)

https://t.me/decentium - 61 members (EOS Forum / articles)

https://t.me/Challenge_DAC - 798 members

https://t.me/joinchat/9ZVofMHGXPFjNGQx - 1300 members Tiktok like - talent competition on EOS (posts not possible)

https://t.me/yup_io - 12 members

https://t.me/clarionos - 1088 members

Supply Chain

https://t.me/parslio - 578 members (cannabis)

https://t.me/ESWofficialchannel - 820 members (Track your food)

Hotel Mgmt

https://t.me/ModiHost - 50 members

EOS Games and NFT

https://t.me/AlienWorldsOffical - 22.3k members

https://t.me/Upland - 5800 members

https://t.me/prospectorsgame - 5500 members

https://t.me/atomicassets - eos.atomichub.io AtomicAssets - EOSIO NFT Standard

https://t.me/EOSNFT - 253 members

https://t.me/dotGems - 498 members dot gems NFT Collector Club / NFT Powerhouse

https://t.me/pixEOSArtGallery - 36 members > epix (flow blockchain now?)

https://t.me/playblankos - 361 members (NFT’s run on a private EOSIO chain)

Privacy tokens

https://t.me/pEOSone - 960 members (waiting for EOSIO privacy function integrations)

https://t.me/peosprice - 100 members (waiting for EOSIO privacy function integrations)

https://t.me/PIEOSproject - 45 members (project on hold because no funding)


How to start with EOS / Overview over the EOS ecosystem

IMPORTANT: If you think you are about to have your own wallet, be aware of the scams (people who try to trick you and steal your tokens from your EOS wallet) that exists! Check them here: https://help.eossupport.io/en/collections/3054104-new-to-eos-start-here#scam-prevention

Here is an overview over the EOS wallets: https://help.eossupport.io/en/collections/3054104-new-to-eos-start-here#set-an-eos-wallet

and the EOS ecosystem with all website links:

For news about projects check the telegram channel or Twitter Account from the project you are interested.

EOS related Twitter Accounts

General EOS accounts

https://twitter.com/EosNFoundation - 15k followers

https://twitter.com/bywirenews - 15k followers

https://twitter.com/eossupportio - 610 followers

https://twitter.com/eosforumorg - 23k followers

https://twitter.com/eos_network_dao - 2490 followers

https://twitter.com/cryptowriter_ - 4000 followers

https://twitter.com/novacryptoltd - 800 followers

https://twitter.com/eosmainnetnews - 110 followers

EOS Wallet, Authenticator, Block Explorer channels

https://twitter.com/greymass - 3000 followers Anchor wallet

https://twitter.com/TokenPocket_TP - 50.6 followers

https://twitter.com/adoptwombat - 7800 followers Wombat Wallet

https://twitter.com/paytomat - 3500 followers

Governance and funding EOS channels

https://twitter.com/RealEdenOS - 500 followers

https://twitter.com/EdenOnEOS - 1200 followers

https://twitter.com/EdenEOS - 100 followers

https://twitter.com/Eostarter1 - 358 followers

https://twitter.com/T_StarterToken - 700 members

https://twitter.com/pakkz_k - 268 followers DAPPFund.io

https://twitter.com/eosdac - 5500 followers

https://twitter.com/consortiumdac - 300 followers

https://twitter.com/daobulls - 197 followers

Developer EOS channels + Jobs

https://twitter.com/EOSIO - 226k followers EOSIO dev

https://twitter.com/ChainGraph - 4 followers

https://twitter.com/hirevibes - 2100 followers

EOS Block Producer accounts

https://twitter.com/NewdexOfficial - 11.6 followers newdex.bp

https://twitter.com/OKEx - 66.7k followers okcapitalbp1

https://twitter.com/EOS_Nation - 11.5k followers eosnationftw

https://twitter.com/genereosaus - 2650 followers aus1genereos

https://twitter.com/EOSauthority - 6000 followers eosauthority

https://twitter.com/alieosauthority → direct EOSauthority support (Ali)

https://twitter.com/EOSRapid - 615 followers eosrapidprod

https://twitter.com/cannon_eos - 3080 followers eoscannonchn

https://twitter.com/bitfinex - 709.6k followers bitfinexeos1

https://twitter.com/ZB_EOS - 65 followers zbeosbp11111

https://twitter.com/ZB__EOS - 348 followers zbeosbp11111

https://twitter.com/helloeos - 1900 followers helloeoscnbp

https://twitter.com/polar_io - 3260 followers eosasia11111

https://twitter.com/eoseoul_kor - 2075 followers eoseouldotio

https://twitter.com/Starteosio - 1500 followers starteosiobp

https://twitter.com/imblockpool - 6 followers blockpooleos

https://twitter.com/eosflytomars - 3 followers eosflytomars

https://twitter.com/BigONEexchange - 36.6k followers big.one

https://twitter.com/eosiosg - 840 followers eosiosg11111

https://twitter.com/WhaleExchange - 1766 followers whaleex.com

DAPPNetwork (EOS middleware) / database sidechains

https://twitter.com/LiquidAppsIO - 4500 followers

https://twitter.com/Blockbasenetwk - 596 followers

DeFi projects EOS accounts

https://twitter.com/NewdexOfficial - 11.6k followers

https://twitter.com/DFSnetworks - 10k followers

https://twitter.com/DefiboxOfficial - 3408 followers

https://twitter.com/OrganixProtocol - 4200 followers

https://twitter.com/PizzaProFi - 2930 followers

https://twitter.com/vigorprotocol - 2130 followers

https://twitter.com/evodex_io - 195 followers

https://twitter.com/alcorexchange - 4500 followers

https://twitter.com/nxsfinance - 190 followers

https://twitter.com/EOSDT - 4900 followers

https://twitter.com/DAPPAccountDAO - 490 followersDAD = DAPPNetwork DeFi (superdad.finance, eCurve.finance, hegeos.io)

https://twitter.com/PredIQt_Network - 2700 followers Everipedia Prediction Market

https://twitter.com/SportBetOne - 510 followers Prediction Market Sport bets

https://twitter.com/GravYdefi - 40 followers Gravy project

https://twitter.com/sovdex - 242 followers

https://twitter.com/ptokens_io - 596 followers (pBTC, pETH, etc)

https://twitter.com/ptocash - 145 followers

https://twitter.com/coinamz - 4800 followers

https://twitter.com/Dmd_Finance - 910 followers (dolphinswap, HUB and DMD ← Developers left)

Regulated DeFi/ProFi projects EOS channels

https://twitter.com/Bullish - 5700 followers (Focus CEX-DEX hybrid)

https://twitter.com/ChintaiNetwork - 4500 followers (Focus Real Estate)

EOS Social Media / Music projects

https://twitter.com/VoiceHQ - 8900 followers

https://twitter.com/SenseChat - 16k followers

https://twitter.com/EmanateOfficial - 6900 followers

https://twitter.com/thenovusphere - 2400 followers discussions.app

https://twitter.com/decentiumorg - 97 followers

https://twitter.com/BBSnetworkIO - 9800 followers (Reddit on EOS)

https://twitter.com/ChallengeDac - 956 followers

https://twitter.com/cryptopicasso - 42k followers owner of flair.fun Tiktok like - talent competition on EOS

https://twitter.com/yup_io - 3000 followers

https://twitter.com/clarion_os - 268 followers

EOS Games and NFT

https://twitter.com/alienworlds - 51k followers

https://twitter.com/UplandMe - 32.8k followers

https://twitter.com/prospectorsgame - 7600 followers

https://twitter.com/AtomicHub - 19.6k followers

https://twitter.com/dotGems_ - 3400 followers dot gems NFT Collector Club / NFT Powerhouse

https://twitter.com/pixeosbrasil - 95 followers

https://twitter.com/scarcestudio - 5 followers

https://twitter.com/PlayBlankos - 8k followers

Rest of the EOS related Twitter Accounts summarized

Supply Chain

https://twitter.com/Parslco - 1140 followers

EOS Supporters

https://twitter.com/depthflow - 549 followers

https://twitter.com/eoswatchdogs - 3,175Followers

Privacy tokens

https://twitter.com/peos_one - 1340 followers

https://twitter.com/PIEOS_io - 4 followers

Real world use case / help for hyper inflation EOS channels / HumanFinance (HuFi)

https://twitter.com/eosmarketp - 660 followers eosmarketplace.io <> eosmicroloan.com

Payroll Portals

https://twitter.com/horus_pay - 1300 followers

MicroTasks - Work From Anywhere At Anytime

https://twitter.com/effectaix - 17.5k followers

Social Supercomputer

https://twitter.com/boidcom - 2500 followers


https://twitter.com/pumlhealthio - 7980 followers

Ride sharing (like Uber)

https://twitter.com/eva_coop?lang=en - 1250 followers

EOS Exchanges / Fiat onramp

https://twitter.com/cryptolocally - 4500 followers

https://twitter.com/bitcashorg - 112 followers

EOS Knowledge Portal

https://twitter.com/Everipedia - 119k followers

Decentralized web / WebHosting on EOS

https://twitter.com/Deweb_io - 996 followers

https://twitter.com/EOSRapid/ - 615 followers (dapp.surf / net.inc)
Hotel Mgmt

https://twitter.com/ModiHost - 120 followers @modihost










Greetings to all and good morning. I am unable to mobilize and use eos tokens, in ECR20, from my MEV wallet. I tried to follow some indications provided but all useless. I can view the tokens in eosauthority using my MEV address but I don’t know how to import them. You can help me?
thanks alessandro

Un saluto a tutti e buongiorno. Non sono in grado di mobilitare e utilizzare i token eos, in ECR20, dal mio portafoglio MEV. Ho provato a seguire alcune indicazioni fornite ma tutte inutili. Posso visualizzare i token in eosauthority utilizzando il mio indirizzo MEV ma non so come importarli. Mi potete aiutare?

Check How to access my ERC-20 EOS after the ICO? | EOS User Support Center for a little more detailed tutorial (you have the blue direct chat widget there as well to ask for more help)

If you still need assistance or help visit EOSsupport.io

  1. Open the direct chat
  2. Start a conversation (open a ticket)

One of our support agents will help and guide you step by step.

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