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My account permissions were changed - account cleaned up

I believe I have been scammed last night.
I can see in bloks.io that several tokens in my account (g44dkmrzgqge) where methodically swaped for EOS in DeFi apps, and then the total EOS balance (2086.99 EOS) sent to an unknown account (g44denbwhage).
Can someone please help me understand if this was the case?
I have had problems with permissions since a few weeks ago (was unable to do transactions) and now I see permissions were changed on 8 march.
Also I dont recognise the transaction with an airgrab of 5000 SOV that seems to have initiated the clean up of my account last night (early hours of 17 march in Europe)
Many thanks for your help

Your owner and active keys are the same, thus you were unfortunately hacked, likely through an airgrab :slightly_frowning_face: