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Q&A with Dan Larimer - What question(s) would you like to ask?

This Monday April 5th at 10AM Eastern, the #EOS Community will have 1 hour to ask Dan Larimer anything as we join him for a VOICE CHAT in the t.me/eosproject so in order to maximise our time with Dan, we are gathering a list of curated questions now to prepare.

If you would like to ask Dan a question relating to the new Eden OS governance or Clarion network, or EOSIO in general, please feel free to reply to this thread with your question(s) and we will do our best to get it asked on Monday.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you like, and we will try and get them all answered. Thanks for your help and we’ll see you Monday!


I’m very excited and keen in joining Eden when will the process of on boarding / inviting officially start and who will be the first / how many will be given the honour of the opportunity to start the invitation process off?

Some questions for Dan:

When will the current list of EdenOS member be published? Will this list of members include details about how they got into Eden (who invited them, which 3 existing members approved them, and which randomly selected elected official vetted them)?

Is 20 invites per member per year the correct number? I would suggest this to be smaller to start (EG 10) to prevent potential infiltration and subsequent damage that a bad actor could cause.

For eviction you mention a “community code of conduct,” does such a code exist? If not will it be drafted? Also on eviction, where do the funds come from to double one’s bond in a successful accusation? If the pool of funds are allocated and dispersed via the playoffs, where do these extra funds come from, reside, and who has control of them? Also on this, where will accusations be submitted, who will be tracking these, where will the details be kept for community member viewing, and generally who is going to be responsible to maintain this information/database?

One question on the vetting process, could you please provide some clarity on how you see the vetting going of a new potential member? What kinds of questions, qualifications, and details will be asked? How will you mitigate from someone telling you what you want to hear to gain access even though they are being disingenuous? How will you establish “trust”?

Lastly could you clarify the point of the nft? Are these to be used for voting, to represent being a part of EdenOS, or something else all together. Part of what makes this confusing to me (and others) is that I thought I heard that you could buy/sell these nfts. If so, how does that relate to their intended function?


Can anyone enter, or how will they select these people? What types of profiles are looking for each candidate and how to apply

Yes anyone can enter the voice chat, and anyone can ask questions. We’d like to gather a list of curated questions beforehand, just to streamline the Q&A better for the listeners.

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1st Question: Is it possible to get a Google Docs going with the current state of the Foundation Guidelines so that we can all make our suggested editions, a possible place to vote on these editions and have community input visible as well as the evolving state of the agreed upon guidelines?

2nd Question: What could/should a template look like for the discussions in the election process? (Duration of the entire process, duration of discussions/how many rounds/voting tools/voting private or public/DACs/Telegram poll?)

Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer and to Data Junky for creating the thread.

Why have not an official website of EOS mainnet yet?

Many EOS members don’t think eos.io is the official website of EOS, becasue this website’s core service is for the company profit of Block One, not EOS mainnet. Besides, this confused action lead many people can’t ditinguish between EOS mainnet and B1.

So, the creation of “official website of EOS mainnet” is urgent, to clear this confused relationship and support DAPPs, contributers, and so on. And this would attract much more new users know and use EOS, just like ETH and BTC

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I have secured EOSmainnet.io and is live and pointing to : https://eoscommunity.github.io/forums.eoscommunity.org/


also, this is the first I’d seen the ‘welcome to the EOS Community’ site. Man, that looks great. So simple, but such a strong indicator of progress in this new Eden environment.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the work products that result from the first 6 months, and then 12 months, of near-term/mid-term Eden funding.

I’m really looking forward to tracking the various progress areas. This front page is a good example. and it’s come from simple organization, no direct funding. So, will be fun to watch all the impacts that all the Eden funding arms have.