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Last call to suggest topics to improve Eden / EOS for Meta Eden

Hey Eden fam, I’m preparing to launch the Meta Eden repo.

To recap, Meta Eden is a GitHub repo where people can share formatted ideas that pertain to EDEN / EOS can then be collaborated on. These ideas focus on the “soft” side of Eden, or the things that aren’t direct changes to the smart contracts.

Read the Original Pitch

My goal in creating this repo is to both capture and cultivate the ideas floating around here, slack, and elsewhere. I believe this will be a place people can “step up” and direct their energy into actionable steps, without underproductive discourse on the chat. Disscussions that take place around these ideas will be “chiseled into stone” in the repo through issues and pull requests.

Here’s the topics we have so far for Eden / EOS, mostly from the community. Please review and reply with additions you’d like to see.


  • Onboarding Process
  • Increasing Membership
  • Marketing + Outreach
  • Funding Eden


  • EOS Adoption + Expansion
  • Inflationary / Deflationary models
  • Infrastructure
  • Developer Tools
  • Marketing + Outreach

We’ll also have a space to share related project links to learn. I think seeing what’s working for other projects, and how Eden may evolve + expand.

P. S. I do have a deep personal interest in this repo, as I design both alternative (biomimetic, often fractal) economic systems and social collaboration systems, so I hope to both share relevant ideas for all to benefit, and cultivate other’s ideas. I’ll be reviewing PRs, monitoring issues, and also looking for “Elders” who would like to help with these tasks.

All submissions are MIT license, so keep in mind that anyone can use what you write. I hope at this point most of us are on the copyleft path as Dan pitches in his book.