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Smart Start proposal by Douglas Butner of cXc.world (Eden Mock Election 2)

Smart Start Proposal

This proposal will create a “Meta Eden” repo controlled by trusted Eden Members (Elders) that will house non-binding suggestions others can review + improve in later community proposals.

These ideas are non-IP, and others can later make formal proposals based on them.

Leaders can take these ideas to propose bylaws.

Smart Start proposes the “Meta Eden” repo as a garden of ideas.

Key Points

  • “Meta Eden” github

  • “Eden Elders” who are repo admins can merge PRs. Elders are coders, leaders + EOS community members (Must be accepted if meet all 3 requirements)

  • Doug’s Tree Proposal structure as first .md contribution (I developed this structure for an upcoming project, will modify it for EOS and share here)


Anyone can push/fork suggestions to improve to Eden and EOS, send a PR to finalize an idea that then becomes real.

This is more “formal” than posting on eoscommunity.org or telegram, and stays forever

Suggestions can be technical, social (Like let’s onboard WAX community), or anything that helps EOS and/or Eden. Not intended to change or any smart contracts in https://github.com/eoscommunity/Eden or elsewhere, hence the word “Meta.”

All suggestions are NAMED + co-exist in FOLDERS representing concepts or problems to be solved. (Onboarding Process, DeFi, Usability, etc.)

All contributions are MIT license, non-IP.

These can be displayed by third-party services similar to how Eos-airdrops displays icons, for future voting, etc.

Funds (If granted the 2000 EOS)

20% To the EOS Power-Up fund

30% to First 12 (meaningful) contributors

50% to Douglas to set up Repo, Bring on 3 Elders, + contribute proposal format suggestion based on previous work

Situation Appraisal

There are many good ideas for Eden floating around, but they’re less than collaborative. Current forums and chat groups leave one person speaking and others listening, replying, then get lost in the chat history. New members who are of the highest potential to contribute to Eden’s workings at this critical time may not know how they can help.

Project Objectives

  • Give each member the opportunity to contribute technical, systematic, social, and practical detail in a way that others can later improve

  • Build a strong, collaborative foundation to Eden’s most core functions, bylaws, and wider EOS growth mechanics

  • Allow future leaders to pop up

Measures of Success

  • Meta Eden repo deployed

  • 6+ significant folders

  • 3+ interested repo administrators (Elders) who can accept PRs

  • Tree Proposal structure (Douglas will contribute in Repo)

Return on Investment

  • Seeding future proposals through non-IP sharing if ideas

  • Wider array of viable ideas catalogued by naming system

  • Opportunity to allow community feedback (forks, changes) on proposed bylaws by leaders and members alike.

  • Empowering the communities tech + leadership + social-savvy

Methods and Options

  • Create Meta Eden Repo

  • Deploy Folders
    (Onboarding Process, DeFi, Usability, Interchain Collaboration + more)

  • Markdown preferred

Eden Elders requirements

  • 1+ year in EOS community

  • Either BP / on BP team, or contributed to Meta Eden repo, or other EOS repo

  • Held position of leadership 1+ year (No need to be tech, just demonstrate conflict resolution skills)

Timing and Deliverables

  • Aug 17th - Meta Eden repo with 6+ folders of suggestions & 3+ Repo Admins


Douglas accountabilities:

Douglas will

  • Open the Meta Eden Repo and invite 3+ elders to admin. (Can also be hosted on the https://github.com/eoscommunity repo if they agree.)

  • Open the first folders that others can share ideas to

  • Pay rewards to first 12 contributors with accepted PRs

Elder accountabilities:

Elders will

  • Accept future PRs to the Meta Eden repo

  • Serve as knowledgable community members who can direct new members with ideas to the places where they can contribute / learn from other’s ideas.

Terms and Conditions

  • All contributions to the Meta Eden repo will be EOS or EDEN related.

  • All potential Eden Elders that desire to be an elder (admin the repo) must be granted this position when they demonstrate they meet the three requirements. They can self-retire at any time, otherwise, it’s a lifetime appointment.

  • All parts of this proposal can be discussed / modified in the Mock election process.

Proposal Format by Joshua Seymour @joshuaseymour on TG, used partially to show how we need something like this proposal, as this format would be lost in the Telegram chat history

Learn more about my work and ideas (Web 4, Effective Collective, cXc, etc) here: https://github.com/dougbutner


Meta Eden is now hosted on the eoscommunity/meta-eden github.

This proposal won 10 EOS funding in Mock election 2, which was split to 2 5 EOS prizes, still unclaimed, for accepted contributors. No other work was funded, and Douglas did not take any profits here.

We will be running for more funding in future elections to put towards the prize pool. Douglas will take 0-20% in the future, with the option to split proceeds between active Elders.

Election One Plan

We will use this election to spread the word on Meta Eden and encourage contribution.

100% of gained proceeds will go into the prize pool for contribution. If EOS is won, we will increase the contributor rate to 10 EOS per contribution.


Douglas and I were in the same group together during ETE2, and once I heard this proposal, I thought to myself, well, I don’t have a compelling enough reason to put myself forward against such a well-conceived idea. After further consideration, I really do think this solves a whole host of leadership, coordination and knowledge-base issues in a way that is true to the principles of MEA.

The one small area where I raised an eyebrow was: “it’s a lifetime appointment”. To align ourselves with the principle of “group must be able to secede from individual”, as expressed in MEA, I would love to hear @bytemaster’s, @mikemanfredi, & @brandonfancher’s thoughts on this.

Alternatively, what’s your rationale for suggesting a lifetime appointment in this instance?

I would also very much love to hear what @ChrisBarnes, @joshua.seymour, @amih, and @Felix have to say about how they see this potentially integrating with some of the holocracy, and fractal friendly organizational structures they have in mind to explore. Have y’all already been in communication about this? Forgive me if I’ve missed the relevant comments.

Overall, I find this proposal compelling and recommend that the EdenOS team and community at large take a deeper look at its potential implementation along with whatever our “honorary” board is cooking up. :slight_smile:


This is a great proposal and is in a section of the Holacracy framework for individuals to step up and help curate. This is the role we’ve outlined that hopefully a few file into “Project Proposal Portal Contributor: Establish a working group to look at the problem of consolidating projects looking to be built on EOS. This can include a standalone website (as per Mell Pearce and John Heeters trial election 2 pitch) and/or a EOS Meta Github Repo (as per Douglas Bunter’s trial election 2 pitch).”

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Glad you see the same benefits I do. We went ahead and left out the whole “Elder” thing for now. But that makes me and the other repo collaborators the only Elders, so that’s another problem ha ha.

Rationale for the lifetime appointment is not strong, but the reason for having the Elders in the first place is from looking at past consensus mechanisms, specifically for churches, to see how they come to a consensus. Elder councils seem to be best-apt to something technical like this, from my limited research. Also just because you’re in for life doesn’t imply responsibility, but ability to accept ideas into the repo. But perhaps a time limit or completely ditching the Elders ideas would be best. We’ll see how it goes with just me for now. Perhaps it gets popular, perhaps no one works on submissions.

We also have a document in the repo for listing other projects, so perhaps those people you mention can share their project links there too. I’m planning to add the one project you posted in the Telegram, just need to dig up the link.

More info on the release: The Meta Eden Repo is now OPEN for your input and collaboration

Check out the update here:



Visit the Repo here: GitHub - eoscommunity/meta-eden