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Is there a way to "auto-sign" transactions to specific addresses?

Sometimes speed is key when making a purchase on places like AtomicHub.io.

I’m loving Anchor but missing one feature from Wax Cloud Wallet (WCW).
WCW has an option to "Always sign from atomicassets" which takes one click out of the “Buy” process.

Is this possible with Anchor and I’m not seeing how? Or not possible?


It’s not available yet, so you’re not missing out on it.

It’s something we’re actively investigating and would like to make available, but doing so in a secure way that works on both mobile and desktop is rather challenging.

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Cool. Thanks for the info aaron.

I’m good if we focus on desktop first. :smiley:

Yeah definitely this will be needed if its going to replace WAX cloud… Is there a discord for this forum or a way I can keep track of this update?

Was curious about the same thing. (how to track the update)
I’ll be back to this wallet immediately when this feature is available. :upside_down_face:

The forums have some notification controls you can use if you want to make sure you’re subscribed to a specific topic.

We hope to be focusing in on some version of automatic signing soon, most of our efforts right now are still going into resource management and account creation.

You can also use this Telegram channel for updates Telegram: Contact @eoscommunityforums

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In my experience, you can write a script to use the EOS API for pushing actions on the EOS mainnet automatically. An open source python EOS api tool is recommended in:

Hi there. I am interested to find out if this feature has now been added to the anchor wallet?

It is not yet available, we’re still focused primarily on account creation and resource management.

I hopefully to see this option (auto sign) is enable, at least for Custom permission that we can manage ourselves to allow specific account, specific actions only can be done.

Any news on this. This is very painful for example when playing nft games (wax). Each action required to sign. (feeding a pet, etc etc). Like I regret so much using Anchor for this( was advice by the game)

It completely disrupted the flow of the game. I made the error of using anchor wallet for One game, but will not reproduce for other games