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List of applications integrated with Anchor Wallet

I just added Anchor support (for EOS) to eosgiftcard.com, a service to onboard new users via simple, pre-configured EOS Gift Card PDFs.
Furthermore, I’m promoting the Anchor Wallet to new users via those gift cards!

Thanks for the awesome work you did with Anchor/ESR/Fuel/…!


Thanks, and I updated the original post and added it to the list :+1:

We are actually creating something in a similar vein (the PDFs) for backup sheets during mobile account creation. We’ll have to see if there’s room for either collaboration or if you might be interested in the resulting standard that comes of it, once it’s out in the wild.


Thanks @aaron,
I am generally open for collaboration or integrating common standards. I saw that the private key QR codes we generate in Anchor Wallet and EOS Gift Card are already compatible, so an EGC account could be imported into the mobile Anchor with just the snap of a picture.

Let me know if you see any room for collaboration in the future: hello@eosgiftcard.com


Just a heads up, for newdex.io I only see Anchor login for the EOS chain not Telos or WAX. But maybe it’s coming.

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We have let them know about this and are just waiting for them to make the changes.

It also doesn’t show Anchor as a mobile option when using Newdex, which we’ve also let them know works.

Feel free to reach out and encourage them yourself as well, the more demand they see for Anchor, the more likely I think they are to prioritize it :wink:

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Thanks! Also I wanted to know if the Anchor Desktop or mobile allows certain transactions to be whitelisted? I talked to Dallas Rushing about getting Anchor login for the Karma Web App but I think there were problems with having to sign each “like” on the Karma App which would be a painful UX. There were problems with Scatter login so right now it is only the WCW login but would love Anchor login to the Karma App.

It’s a feature we’re looking into how best to approach so that it works on both desktop and mobile.

Using the “whitelist” approach doesn’t work well on mobile since the mobile app would need to be open and in focus in order to sign transactions. That causes some weird problems when you’re either using a mobile browser w/ the mobile wallet, or you’re using a desktop browser w/ the mobile wallet.

So we’re looking at alternative approaches to achieve the same goal, being able to automatically sign transactions. It’s just taking some time because we’re having to invent a better wheel :sweat_smile:

it would be mainly using the Desktop Browser with either the desktop Anchor or mobile authenticator. Karma has a dedicated mobile App already so I assume people would just use that, but maybe they would prefer to use the Mobile browser instead and the mobile authenticator, but like you said that could have some weird problems. I use the bloks explorer on mobile with the Anchor mobile authenticator and it works great! Love the slide to sign transaction and the haptic feedback and FaceID approval. The only weird thing to add for for future versions is that on mobile it should know that is mobile and not have the QR code pop up, or ask to open the mobile app, but instead open the mobile authenticator automatically that way it will pretty seamless transition. In the meantime it is the best mobile authentication for EOSIO!

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evodex.io uses Anchor! Thanks

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Added it to the main list, thanks for the reminder! :+1:

Added eosfinex to the list!

Please add to the list of great dapps on Anchor wallet

app.Vigor.ai #DeFi Protocol - Borrow, Lend, Save with Vigor


I’d like to buy giftcards using #VIGOR stablecoins :grinning:

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Updated! Thanks for the reminder to get that one added.


Thanks for taking the time to add us. We’re trying to get noticed and our thriving community of Anchor wallet loving users is very appreciative of this gesture. Thank you for adding us to your list.


Hi, are there any recent developments with auto-signing transactions by Anchor? This is the most recent public discussion on the topic I’ve found.

Some discussion on it a few days ago.

Hello! This week we added Anchor Wallet at www.eosgames.io

This is the best wallet we have worked with so far. Both implementation and usability are absolute top, great job!

Didnt find RPLAnet in the list above. Does Anchor Wallet support R-Planet game for Staking NFTs ? There is an option to Login with Anchor Wallet, but when i try to Stake something i have an Error. There is field in Anchor Wallet. “Request Options” on the left. It says : “Account not found
Could not load the expected accounts for this request: xxxxxxx@active”. Then i can click Green button to sign transaction with name@owner on it. And next i see an error on RPlanet site: transaction declares authority ‘{“actor”:“xxxxxxxxx”,“permission”:“active”}’, but does not have signatures for it under a provided delay of 0 ms, provided permissions [], provided keys [“MyPublicKey”], and a delay max limit of 3888000000 ms. What did I miss ?
A little addition. forgot to mention a text under( "Account not Found’ - Could not load the expected accounts for this request: greymassfuel@cosign, myaccountname@active)

The problem was because i was using Owner key as main key. But Transaction required Active key, so i reimported account to anchor wallet using Active key and it worked.

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