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EOS Mainnet is now available on Metamask

Thank you for this!!
How can we use existing eos accounts with metamask?

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Will this work with a Ledger hardware wallet connected to metamask?


Should do, I sent you the EOS to create your account, let us know how it goes!

Great work guys, Looks very promising!

congrats! I’ve been waiting for that!

I’m trying to import the account into Anchor, but looks like it doesn’t like Metamask’s private key format.

Is there any simple transformation we should apply? Or is it more complicated that that?



my account is below!^^!


very exciting news! and thank you for your generous gift !!

Anchor expect the private key to be in WIF format.
You need to convert it since Metamask will show the private in hex format.

I think this script can help


Thank you!!!

It worked like a charm!

Thanks, Man!
I can’t wait. It’s really exciting news!

“In order to kick start the process of onboarding users to metamask, you can also leave your metamask address here and we will be funding the first 100 addresses that reply to this post.”

Post #34.

Please create account at 0x address:

I didn’t see anything happen in my wallet or anything get posted in this thread for 1 day, so I made the account myself.

Then I tried to deploy a smart contract using the Metamask bridge. I got these errors:

“Invalid transaction envelope type: specified type “0x2” but included a gasPrice instead of maxFeePerGas and maxPriorityFeePerGas”

“Error: [ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC ‘{“value”:{“code”:-32603,“data”:{“code”:3,“message”:“Unable to estimate tx”}}}’”

I thought the Metamask bridge would allow this. I think that was the goal of this research:

It is like an EVM hosted inside EOS. I want to deploy my existing EVM smart contracts in the eosio.evm environment using this Metamask bridge. Will this be possible?

Thanks whoever sent me 0.5 EOS.

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Hi Soli-Same,

The Metamask integration (at this moment) allows you to use the native EOS token(s) from within that wallet and also interact with EOS dapps (through the UAL).

At the moment our integration does not link with the eosio.evm (even though we have some plans with it)

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“In order to kick start the process of onboarding users to metamask, you can also leave your metamask address here and we will be funding the first 100 addresses that reply to this post.”


Thank you for this information, elmato!

That is wonderful !!!

Maybe I’m missing something, but if you’re supposed to run the script in a node install using your private key and then take the generated EOS key to load the account, I can confirm it’s not working like that.

Can you tell me what I did wrong?

Using anchor + new node project to run code + private key from metamask

What I did

  1. Got private key from MM using the public key in the table on the contract corresponding to my public key
  2. Installed Node + dependencies
  3. Ran script in Node (No problems, got the key)
  4. Input in Anchor the Private Key (no account found) FAIL

I’d like to get me EOS off the EOS/ETH account and back to my normal account on EOS.

SOLVED: you must send some EOS via MM for the account keys to be set

Amazing! Keep up the good work!
It took me some time to review it in detail, but I already want to start testing it!
Here’s my address, if it’s still possible.

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