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EOS Mainnet is now available on Metamask

Isn’t just matter of sending the to your regular account using metamask?
Or am I missing something?

In order to transfer to an EOS account you need to use any web wallet that implements login with metamask.

Is adding a method that just adds a ETH->EOS entry in the table a valid option?
And after you could use metamask for sending the tokens to that new ETH in the table

You mean associate an ETH address to any EOS account?

Thats its certain a possibility but i think it will make things more complicated if we want to integrate this with an EOS EVM.

Or at least it must be discussed with a design document for a future EVM integration

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Is there any available at this moment?

I used convert.js to get the EOS private key for my account wvmzdbyo1q2m. https://www.bloks.io/account/wvmzdbyo1q2m When I try to send EOS from that account using an EOS wallet, it does not allow me and it says:

Transaction failed - transaction declares authority ‘{“actor”:“wvmzdbyo1q2m”,“permission”:“active”}’, but does not have signatures for it.

Could you please add wvmzdbyo1q2m as “active” role to my account wvmzdbyo1q2m? Account owner of wvmzdbyo1q2m is etheraccount.

No at the moment, we are trying to reach them out to help them integrate Metamask login but without much success :expressionless:

Any help reaching to existing web wallets is appreciated!!!

(Anyway, we will releasing a small tool to just transfer to regular EOS accounts)

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The smart contract will do that automatically after first usage, we have no authority to do that!

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IIRC, you just need to send a tiny amount of EOS (0.001) using metamask to any of the other ETH addreses in this thread and the contract will change the permissions to your metamask public key.

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info maxo_Coin.

@maxo_Coin @Soil-Same

While we wait for web wallets to integrate the metamask login, here is a small tool that allows you to send tokens to any EOS account from you metamask wallet.



This is great news, don’t know how i missed it. If you are still funding addresses I will try it out.

EOS would really benefit from having a free to use wildcard address system for unclaimed sub-addresses.
i.e. Allow sending to address:
instead of: etheraccount with memo of 0x1fa82ca0e21ebeaacef6e9d558feda40bca2d8d8 .
This would also help a lot for making it easier to pay exchange.

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… free to use wildcard address system for unclaimed sub-addresses

I can’t get it even with your example :).
Could you please explain a bit more?

Verygood sir


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[quote=“Frank1016, post:21, topic:4264”]
Looks so cool! I’m gonna try it!
This is my ETH address:

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Thank you for these instructions!


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Looks so cool! I’m gonna try it!
I have added the network according to the above steps, and I will activate my EOS address in the next step, thank you
This is my ETH address:

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