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EOS Mainnet is now available on Metamask

On March 29th we announced the development of Metamask for EOSio chains and invited the community to test it with us on the Kylin network. Today, after months of intense work and many contributions, we are glad to announce that the most popular crypto wallet is now available for EOS Mainnet.

How to connect?

Setting up the EOS Network in your metamask wallet is very simple.

1.- Go to chainlist.org and look for the EOS network.

2.- Connect your wallet and click on the “add to wallet” under EOS Mainnet.

3.- When prompted, approve the network and make sure the network URL and Chain ID match the ones shown on the image below.

After this your wallet will be set up and you can use metamask to send or receive tokens and connect to dapps who have integrated the wallet to their site.

Using Metamask

The first thing you will notice is that Metamask uses Ethereum addresses, our smart contract converts these addresses into the EOS account format so that the end user doesn’t have to deal with the complexities of creating an EOS account (create account, stake, ram, rex, powerup). All a newcomer has to do is install the metamask extension (or the mobile app) and once they receive its first tokens they can start using their wallet.

Fees also use the same format as many other networks: you can see how much you will pay for the transaction and the wallet will take care of the resources to cover that transaction. If the user is receiving their first EOS tokens on metamask the sender will pay a slightly higher fee to cover the account creation cost. In the example below we can see how a second transaction to an already created account has a much cheaper fee.

A- First transaction creates the account.

B- Second transaction to an already created account

Funding your account for the first time

Our main goal was to make EOS more accessible to the broader crypto space; someone who has never used EOS before can simply install metamask and withdraw some EOS from Binance or any other exchange.

In order for the user to receive the EOS tokens in the desired metamask address they will need to make a withdraw to the EOS account etheraccount and put their metamask address in the memo.

You can also fund your account from another EOS wallet like Anchor, similar to the exchange process, you have to send the tokens to etheraccount and add your metamask address in the memo field.

The cost of creating an EOS account can be covered with 0.2 EOS, but we recommend sending at least 0.5 EOS on the first transaction to be safe.

In order to kick start the process of onboarding users to metamask, you can also leave your metamask address here and we will be funding the first 100 addresses that reply to this post.

Adding tokens

Metamask allows you to add specific EOS tokens to your wallet, to do so you have to go to “assets” and click on “add token” , under the wallet contract address you will need to add the corresponding address of each token.

Below we have provided a table for EOS’s main assets.

IQ everipediaiq 0x0349510000000000609d71495577d55600000000
USDT tethertether 0x04555344540000007055cb2a5fd5b2ca00000000
TPT eosiotptoken 0x04545054000000003015a4b966ea305500000000
CHEX chexchexchex 0x0843484558000000d055435d35d4554300000000
DAPP dappservices 0x0444415050000000801572fb2a5cab4900000000
OGX core.ogx 0x084f4758000000000000009d51a02e4500000000
BOX token.defi 0x06424f580000000000805b2a81a920cd00000000
DFS minedfstoken 0x04444653000000003015a419afa4a69300000000
USN danchortoken 0x0455534e000000003015a4f9d286a64900000000
DEX token.newdex 0x0444455800000000d055e26a82a920cd00000000
PBTC btc.ptokens 0x085042544300000000f05490e60a503e00000000
VIG vig111111111 0x045649470000000010420821841098db00000000
VIGOR vigortoken11 0x045649474f52000010c25490e64b99db00000000
PETH eth.ptokens 0x095045544800000000f05490e60a5a5600000000

Since we first announced the development of Metamask for EOS we have seen enormous interest from the EOSio community, we wanted to thank you for your patience and support throughout this process. It is our hope that more users will be onboarded to the EOS ecosystem through the integration of a popular wallet like Metamask and we will continue to work, improve and maintain the infrastructure required to achieve this goal.

Open Source Policy & Disclaimer

Both the contract and the UAL metamask integration are open source and published under the MIT license. The code can be found in the following links:

The EOS Argentina team and our partners have reviewed the code thoroughly, we also invite the eosio developer community to study and contribute to the repository. However, it is worth noting that the code has not been audited.

The smart contract does not hold any funds or user keys, but it has the permission to authorize transactions on users behalf. The use of the EOS network on the metamask wallet and the interaction with the smart contract etheraccount is done at your own discretion and risk and with agreement that you will be solely responsible for any damage or loss of funds that results from such activities.

In the future, we may apply for funding to the Eden Community, Pomelo.io or other grants provided by the upcoming EOS Foundation so that we can carry out an official audit, make improvements to the code and enhance the overall maintenance of the service.

Join or Telegram Channel if you have any questions!

Other links

Mar 29 — General Discussion:

Mar 26 — Announcement, onboarding and dex use case with Kylin testnet:

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I’m going to test it straight away!!!



That is wonderful !!!

Lets try it!!



Is it possible to use this account from Anchor?
If yes, where can I find the account name? Is the private key the Metamask’s one?

I’m loving what I’m seen so far!!!


Hi Maxo!

  1. Yes, you can use the account with Anchor.

But you need to at least use it once from metamask.
This is because the smartcontract (etheraccount) will use the recovered pubkey from the signature to configure the active/owner account permissions.

  1. The EOS account name can be found on the etheraccount table “account”.
    Look for your ETH address here.

  2. Yes, the same private key as Metamask


Looks like I got the 0.5 EOS, but when I try to send it to another ETH address from the account’s table (e.g.4d1798008b3a6cc9b9e655379d278983084913a7 ) I get an error in Metamask
<div class="" tabindex="0" data-tooltipped="" aria-describedby="tippy-tooltip-3" data-original-title="Error: [ethjs-query] while formatting outputs from RPC '{&quot;value&quot;:{&quot;code&quot;:-32603,&quot;data&quot;:{&quot;code&quot;:3,&quot;message&quot;:&quot;Error pushing transaction&quot;}}}'" style="display: inline;">Con errores</div>

From the table, looks like my account is dxwseoyu1nuu

For use it, do I need to send something to etheraccount first?
I see that the account has been created and it has RAM, but I don’t see the TX on “etheraccount” that creates the account like the other accounts I see there.


I’ve just tried it and it worked with sending eos from my binance to metamask. Is there a way to do it in opposite way, from MM to Binance?

  1. Try sending the transaction again (*)
  2. Check your metamask version
  • since we are dealing with subjective resource billing (CPU) from time to time the estimator can be estimating below the actual usage of the tx when this is finally pushed.

Not at the moment, as soon as any web wallet integrates the UAL you will be able to send from metamask to binance

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Bravo! :clap: Try it right now.

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Great work EOS Argentina! Very impressive. I will be onboarding 100s of people using this. Thank you for your dedication in this. 0xbf64DAA700b29Cc86CD2dC5661e7cD32191A06af

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Let EOS ecology enrich, let EOS value return, thank you for your continuous efforts, let EOS become the second BTC,ETH

Amazing work guys! EOS Argentina proving itself as a valuable contributor to the ecosystem once again.


Amazing development EOS Argentina…! What an ingenious solution! :raised_hands:

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Amazing news, here my address: 0x03d0dc24Ee828013017E7138c2687Ad1adb938b8

Will be happy to check it out!

Great! Would be nice to join you!


Let’s see how everything goes with the integration with dapps!


We just integrated evodex.io to metamask, this will give you a feeling of what it like to use metamask on an EOS dapp.


Looks so cool! I’m gonna try it!
This is my ETH address: