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Can i run my private rpc?


I’m running a trading bot on Alcor and wax, recently i think my ip got rate limited on greymass, i switched to another but still have some network lag issues due to distance with rpc location.

Is it possible to run my private rpc for mainnet ? or is nodeos only for local test ?

We do have rate limiters in place that catch and block users who make too many requests per second, but the bans are only temporary. Feel free to slow down your script and continue to use ours - or you’re free to run your own API instance and make requests to it as fast as you’d like.

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Ok thank you, indeed i can do requests again. I’ll increase my delay between orders for now and look to run my own api instance.

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Hah, just realized after your last email that I was responding to you in both places :joy:

If you do end up setting up your own APIs and you’re familiar with docker, you could use our docker-compose scripts to fire up an API pretty quickly. It’d require a decently high powered server to run it though (fast CPU speed, probably 64gb RAM, plenty of disk space).

I made a quick post about it here a few weeks back.

The approach can be used to setup a WAX mainnet node as well! It’d just take some tweaking.


Hey Aaroon, right now i got ryzen 5 1600x, i can get 48 or 64GB of not ecc ddr4 (aim to get 128GB by mid 2022) and how much disk space do i need ? Do i need ssd or hdd can work too ? Hope my setup will work, as it’s for my private usage only i hope required specs will be lower than for a public rpc.

I aim to use it to get all blocks to make statistics on few projects (if i do this on greymass rpc i won’t be able to, as wax give too much blocks / seconds for me to be able to fetch them) + still for my trading bot so i won’t need to rely on greymass one.

You’ll need at minimum something like 650gb for the block log, ssd would be best for performance but you might be able to get away with hdd (not sure).

The block log grows pretty rapidly these days, so if you want to store it all just make sure you have plenty more than what’s required for the block log to accommodate for that growth.

ok thank you then i’ll wait a bit to get money for 2TB ssd too ^^

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