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Available EOS in Anchor Wallet

I just recuperated some EOS tokens I bought a few years back into the Anchor Wallet. It only shows a set amount of tokens available to transfer. How long does it take for all of them to become available to transfer and trade?

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If they are staked, they need to be unstaked before they can be transferred. The unstaking process takes between 3-4 days to complete, and often at the end a manual “refund” action needs to be triggered to make them part of your available balance.

This thread has a bit of discussion on Unstaking if you need more information:


Thank you @aaron. I just had the EOS in the MEW many moons ago and lost access. I found my private key so downloaded Anchor and was able to recover. I’ll check it again in 3-4 days. Happy crypto-trading!

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@aaron Its been a week and I still have 90% of the EOS I have in the Anchor wallet as unavailable. How do I trigger this “refund” action?

This post shows the two most common options, one inside Anchor and the other using bloks.io:


@aaron I really appreciate your help but I explored all three options and could not get to a refund option that works. I attached a few screenshots. I liked what I researched about EOS but some of these alt-coins get complicated. All part of the adventure I guess. :wink:

Ah sorry I misunderstood your question it seems, the first thing you need to do is Unstake the tokens themselves. The two red buttons in the screenshot you shared will allow you to do this, you’ll need to do it for both CPU and NET.

You’ll probably want to enable Fuel (brain-fuel-tank looking icon in the upper right) to cover your transaction costs if you haven’t already, and then you can use the form that pops up when you click the red Unstake buttons. You’ll be asked how much you want to unstake, and you can enter the entire quantity (36.4075) and hit submit.

After you do this for both CPU and NET, you’ll have to wait somewhere between 3-4 days for it to become available (a protection mechanism in the system). After that time, if the balance isn’t immediately available, you’ll need to follow the “refund” instructions I left above.

Hope that helps!