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April 19 - EdenOS Telegram Call - Meeting Notes

Call started at 10:15, moderated by Annabella. No formal questions were collected for this call.

Please note, the notes below aren’t exact and are an approximation of what Dan and Annabella said.

Dan is working on an animated video to describe what EdenOS is.

Dan had another AMA with the Chinese community today. Feedback is it went well. Lots of good questions. Making progress on educating the Chinese on what is going on over here and are starting to get excited.

Q: What were some of the Chinese concerns or misunderstandings? A: Questions of what is going on with Dan, B1, and plans for EdenOS.

Q: What is the status of the initial video of 18 for EdenOS? A: Dan was watching prior to this call so hopefully it will be released later today.

Q: There was a Dan tweet “Imagine combining #EOS, Eden, and a social media platform behind a single easy to use decentralized interface all integrated with #Clarion…What if Eden representatives where given stronger votes when moderating content and rewarding contributors?” Talk about this. A: Dan’s been working on a plan to integrate these seemingly separate components. EOS, Eden, Clarion, Wallets…What if EOS was a social platform, a community building platform, and there was an interface that you can use to vote on content, get rewarded for contributions and votes are weighted via the EdenOS process. This to leverage the truly democratic processes that Eden provides. We could then integrate things all behind one interface, that is a decentralized app downloaded on your computer. This would provide an easy to understand interface that want to get involved with EOS that combines all the community aspects together. Dan has been working with his team this past week. His team started last week. Dan is also working with B1. Working to get alignment of direction of EOSIO and hopefully secure some funding for EdenOS. Very excited about B1’s engagement. Once more details are ironed out, more will be revealed. Dan is appreciative of what B1 is discussing and looking to support the EOS community.

Q: How can we join Eden? A: Smart contract for EdenOS is being worked on to automate the process of finding new people and certifying the handles and donations, and then certify the NFT. The invitations will be postponed until the tooling is in place. This will allow us to have less errors, so will be delayed for now but will permit faster enrollments later. Things are moving, it’s a bit chaotic behind the scenes to organize the many folks who are working on this.

Q: What are the mechanics to reward users to share content on this network? A: Similar to the idea behind Voice, no moderators but instead your elected representatives will have more power. The further up the you go in Eden the more power you have. Anyone can post, but only Eden community members can reward or moderate content. The more Eden members are in consensus to reward the larger the reward should be. EOS will be the currency vs the VOICE token example. This is the idea but still working through how this would be funded to support rewards.

Q: How do you see the interface of this working? A: Its early, but it would look a bit like Voice, a little like Twitter, a little like a bunch of different things. It would be powered by IPFS for large content, powered by Clarion for the messaging between users. Steem didn’t have a private message function, and Clarion will bring this. It is a cohesive vision centered around EOS, to empower the EOS community. API nodes can all be run independently and then will compete to provide the best service.

Q: Can you talk about the ideas of content rewards not using inflation? A: Membership fees, NFT auctions, bitclub style reputation. There are lots of possibilities, Dan is working on a blog post to clarify this. This is a vision for EOS, and will help people relate to this as a community a social platform, a truly decentralized Facebook. This is about what people view EOS as, and then have plugins to the interface to add smart contracts. It’s a powerful and flexible way for people to build apps that integrate with EOS, but all through one interface. All these other smart contract platforms are extremely technical. Whats the interface to Ethereum…wallets, a bunch of web sites. There’s no consistent easy to use interface.

Q: What risk considerations have been taken into account with the new Power Up model as it applies to this new idea? A: Bottom line if you want to participate you’ll need to pay a small monthly fee. If you don’t pay a bit, you become the product. If its completely free, how do you prevent sibyl attacks. Eden members could be free vs a simple EOS account holder, but bottom line if you want to experience an interface that is independent you’ll need to pay for that independence.

Q: Can 1 person attend 2 Edens at the same time? A: Technically its possible, but if either community found out then you risk being kicked out of both.

Q: Early Eden is US centric, should one abstain from joining the US Eden and wait to join the other language/region Edens that will come later? A: If you can, you should participate in the initial Eden community, and you’ll be free to leave later. It would be helpful to have people participate in the first Eden and then take that knowledge and experience to their local Eden groups.

Q: Why would users choose Eden/EOS over other platforms? A: Goal is to provide a services that isn’t dependent on centralized control. We don’t need everyone to use these services, just those that value their freedom and independence.

A question was missed relating to sibyl attacks.

Q: Can transactions be paid in per use fee? A: Yes this is being working on. Things are cheaper when you bulk buy. Dan was thinking monthly, however the current power up model is daily. Dan will work with wallet providers to make this seamless.

Q: What needs to be done to expand accessibility for developers? A: We need a lot more documentation for the EOS network and not just EOSIO. Working on a unit test framework for smart contracts. Was working on something while at B1, and is still working on it now.

Q: What is the latest timeline for EdenOS A: A week or so out for the basic interface. More videos coming out this week on how to participate. From there it will depend on how quickly invitations can grow. Will be a slower start with just 18 members, but exponential growth will kick in eventually. Things should start really moving in a week or two.

Q: What is the best way to speed up the signing process on EOS? A: A desktop app would have access to your private key so won’t need an Anchor like interface. It would work more like Facebook or Voice.

Q: Can kyc’d Voice members be allowed in Eden. A: KYC isn’t enough to join EdenOS. KYC protects businesses, but it has limited ability to prevent the types of abuse that we’re working towards preventing with EdenOS. You also need to agree to the process, and peace treaty.

Q: Will there be a mobile app? A: Focusing on progressive web apps. Not wise to rely on app store providers. Nothing would prohibit a mobile version from coming later, but its not a top priority for now.

Q: If an Eden rep is incapacitated how does a new election get called? A: There will be many reps active at any given time. We are working on a plan to deal with a member not being able to perform their duties (government intervention or hit by a bus). The community will need to help work through this.

Q: App interface question… A: It will be an open source code base, so anyone can customize the EOS universal interface.

Q: Concerns with exposing IDs to join Eden. A: If you want to join a community, and sign a peace treaty, we need to know who the counter parties are. This is a voluntary system designed to have a group of people working together. You’re more powerful and independent as a member of a group, but there is some trust required.

Comment on all in one app: EOS should have an interface that presents EOS as a social network where this all in one app would greatly simplify the common use cases. The closest example is the Anchor desktop app, with built in wallet and governance features. The interface would be expanded so signing each transaction separately won’t be needed.

Q: EdenOS will prevent bots, but what about bots that are useful. Is there a place for dumb (non AI) bots in Eden? A: All bots should be owned by a person. Elect leaders that runs the bot.

Non Eden question about EOS listing on Coinbase…

Q: Summary requested on the all in one app. A: A tweet from a couple days ago, provide an interface free from any centralized infrastructure to make the app function. Instead you can leverage any number of API service providers where you can pay with EOS for the service you’d like. Example is Atomic Hub, great app that runs on EOS, but to access it you need to go through Atomic Hub. A lot of apps are like this, where centralized companies host interface with the decentralized blockchain. We have a lot of blockchain products that call themselves decentralized but have a centralized governance or access. The all in one app could be downloaded from many places (IPFS) and not just EOScommunity.org.

Q: Will the EOScommunity.org forum be integrated with the all in one app. A: Yes. This is a massive vision that is only made possible with the growing help and participation of the EOS community and hopefully B1.

Q: If there is more than 1 Eden community what if they disagree on something? A: The existing Eden community would need to recognize to a new community. The Block Producers would play a part in this recognition since they will approve the funding of these communities.

Q: People are using their accounts via signing a transaction that changes the Active keys. How can we prevent this? A: Been thinking about this for a while. The all in one app should solve this. This is a problem in many apps, IE metamask. It does come down to trust and verify the domain your using. Websites are risky in case the owner of the server gets hacked vs something that you download to your computer. Want to minimize the parties that you need to trust to interact with EOS.

Q: Are on-chain storage solutions possible? A: We’re looking at the ways to expand the API to write only smart contracts. We have IPFS and Clarion that allow content to be shared among peers.

Q: For higov, is there a moderator for each discussion…how long, and how will they go? A: We’ll have to figure this out as we evolve. Basically everyone in a group that wants to be a rep will have a chance to make their case. Call will last around an hour and will need to come to an 8/10 vote to move on. This is an experiment and so we’ll try things and see what works, and then adapt.

Q: What happened with the Ubkey partnership? A: When the EOS authenticator was released from B1 work on this stopped.


Man, this is extremely helpful. Thank you very much for publishing these.


You are a beast Chris. Thank you again for publishing, I just got a chance to read through and get caught up. And thank you for asking in Telegram about the Genesis Video, I’m glad we got an answer. If we as the community do not show interest in following up on verbal agreements from the start, how can we expect anyone to be accountable later if there is no one to be accountable to…the culture must start from now.

Thank you for putting ths together!

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Excellent summary, thanks Chris!

This is very helpful. Thank you for putting this together. :slight_smile:

“Q: What is the best way to speed up the signing process on EOS? A: A desktop app would have access to your private key so won’t need an Anchor like interface. It would work more like Facebook or Voice.”


“…There are lots of possibilities, Dan is working on a blog post to clarify this. This is a vision for EOS, and will help people relate to this as a community a social platform, a truly decentralized Facebook. This is about what people view EOS as, and then have plugins to the interface to add smart contracts. It’s a powerful and flexible way for people to build apps that integrate with EOS, but all through one interface.”

Wowzer, this extremely exciting!.

Thanks for this summary. Much better than listening to the recording. Finished reading Dan’s book and am working on a Hebrew translation of it.
The future of EOS is bright and interesting. Would love to participate in the EDEN experiment and learn from this experience before attempting to start a local community.