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April 12 - EdenOS Telegram Call - Meeting Notes

Call started at 10:00, moderated by Annabella.

Please note, the notes below aren’t exact and are an approximation of what Dan and Annabella said.

Clubhouse chat on Tuesday with Daniel, Aaron, and Yves introducing EOS to the Tesla Community.

Yves: AMA with the Chinese Bihu Community on April 19 @ 8am Eastern.

Update on activity from the past week:
18 leaders had their genesis call. The video is being processed to be released. There is a lot of manpower that goes into the NFTs and so they will be delayed until Dan’s dev team can automate the process. All relevant consensus info will be on the blockchain to start. Goal is to have this released within 2 weeks. www.eoscommunity.org is live. Ray from telegram volunteered his time to make this happen. It is on Github if folks want to contribute. If you have some good pics from hackathon or other EOS related events, they would like those so the web site can have authentic photos vs stock.

Q: What are the other baseline requirements for EdenOS induction? A: Primary is to become an EdenOS member. You need to be invited, appear on camera, donate 10 EOS, and agree to the peace treaty. Other than that there aren’t any other requirements really. You need to be invited and this will determine the culture of EdenOS, and that culture will pass bylaws (additional requirements) to provide guidelines of what to expect. This is meant to be a very simple minimalist process to reach consensus.

It is called a peace treaty, because if you ignore all the governments in the world we’re under the law of the jungle. So instead of “might makes right” we agree to a peace treaty. The idea is that the parties of the treaty have to enforce the treaty otherwise you go back to the law of the jungle.

Q: Update on timeline for EdenOS and when can we invite new members? A: Automated process with a functioning website that interfaces with the EOS blockchain. This will allow for members to be officially inducted. There will be an example video released of what the intro Zoom calls should look like. Also some other content will be released for best practices to participate in the process. Once the tool is up everyone can onboard the new members. Short answer, you can start inviting now by recording the videos, but the process won’t complete until the smart contract is deployed.

Q: Do you believe it is one’s duty to vote in an election vs not participate? A: This question isn’t related to EdenOS or EOS, but Dan will answer. Dan doesn’t vote because he doesn’t think the process has integrity. The process in Dan’s book (More Equal Animals) talks about a process that eliminates political parties so we can reach consensus and give people a voice and power. If we can demonstrate this in EOS maybe it will spill into the broader system. The current system is designed to prevent people from reaching a new consensus. 2/3 agree the current system is broken but there is no replacement. This is why we need to experiment and come up with a new process.

Q: Are there geographical restrictions to EdenOS, IE certain state or country? A: No geographical restrictions. Instead it is do you speak English and can participate in the group Zoom calls. There will be other language based EdenOS communities. They will all cooperate together and funded by the blockchain. The initial community is English and US time zones.

Q: The first goal mentioned is 100 members then 1000, when do you think we reach 1000? A: It comes down to how engaged the community is. We will have the tools to automate the process in just a couple of weeks. From that point it’s a matter of how quickly people can invite their friends. Get them in the video and the NFT certified on-chain. This will be exponential growth as the initial 18 members invites folks and then they invite. There is a bit of a backlog of people who have expressed interest.

Q: What qualities make a great EdenOS candidate? A: People you trust, that you’d want to be your next door neighbour. Invite people who are productive, hardworking, and passionate, and who believe in the value of reaching consensus. The more we control the quality of the people who come in, the better the outcome. We don’t want centralized rules that state this is what a member should be. We are starting the group with a certain culture and hope that this spreads. There are no subjective guidelines that will be universally enforced. EdenOS ensures the governance is representative of the people and not some minority that captures control of the power.

Q: What if any is the greatest risk of success of EdenOS? A: The greatest risk is whether or not the experience of onboarding can be kept simple enough and compatible with human nature. It will take a while for us to learn to operate this machine. There is a learning curve here, so the biggest risk is the quality of the people that get invited and the UX of the inviting process. If its simple and is resonating it will be good, if its cumbersome and people don’t understand it or is awkward, then it will need to be redesigned.

Q: What sort of tooling will EdenOS use to make it transparent so non-members are informed? A: Doing everything on Github for software so it is transparent there. All member actions will be on-chain via NFT. All actions and governance decisions will be public. Using EOScommunity.org that EdenOS members can post to but all can read.

Q: Will EdenOS enforcement apply to account or person? If person, how do you enforce it when the person acts w/ a different account? Example… If I join EdenOS under account A, will my membership be threatened by my on chain operations via account B? A: Yes membership will be threatened if there is a viable link that is found by an EdenOS member. If you join you are agreeing to the election process and the bylaws. You don’t get to be an EdenOS member if you don’t agree to the community rules. The rules/bylaws can be changed within the community so if you’re acting against the current rules you can petition to change them or leave.

Q: Is it possible to solicit contributions to test this idea instead of using the network funds which is governed by a consensus that does not include the mandate to fund Eden? A: the NFT system is to solicit donations and will be a source of funds. Dan thinks there will be strong support once this is experienced. Everyone in the EOS community wants to see EOS grow and projects funded. The only thing required to secure funding is that the process is legitimate and not controlled by an insiders club.

Q: Is there going to be reputation damage or some kind of consequence for those that break rules or try to bribe. A: If you’re trying to bribe someone, all those that support this act would also be removed from the community. If the community is systematically corrupt then it will lose it’s legitimacy in the eyes of token holders and funding would be removed.

Q: Will there be rewards for whistleblowers? A: The community would trust you more if you blow the whistle…it would be a reputation building action. The reverse would likely take place for false accusations. The goal is to establish processes for reporting, evaluating, and making decisions. Process for bonding people, for staking…there are a lot of tools at our disposal to advance the governance process. Right now we’re a baby learning to crawl.

Q: How will we ensure diversity in EdenOS. A: We don’t want to create an identity polities system in EdenOS. Want to focus on the merit of the people, not gender, skin colour etc… No enforcement of artificial distinctions that requires an outside judge.

Q: With Eden, are you willing to explore the possibility of assigning groups based on a stated interest or expertise, other commonality, or even location on the globe instead of randomness? A: The randomness is intentional to prevent political parties.

Q: Have you explored biometric systems, and integration into current and future projects? A: EdenOS is using video recordings for entry.

Q: What is the ultimate end goal of EdenOS? A: Want to see the EOS community be independent and self-sustaining to plot its path forward. Ultimate end goal is to coordinate as many people as possible to act in consensus and therefore increase their individual liberty and power.

Q: What are your thoughts on inviting anonymous members? A: Are they appearing on camera? If you allow anonymous members you facilitate sybil attacks. They should be widely recognized as a real and unique person.

Q: Is there a specific process like Zoom for induction vids? A: Tutorials will be provided to use Zoom and potentially other platforms. Really any platform that has the ability to video record the induction ceremony and participants will work. Ideally later we could get funding to build our own decentralized platform.

Q: New elections every 6 months or 10% growth…how does this work? If the community grows very quickly could there be many elections? A: Yes there could be rapid elections, since as you add new members they need to be incorporated into the consensus process. Power transfers via budget control. If you don’t spend all of your budget between elections you lose it, what you did spent will still be scrutinized.

Q: Will you lose funding that isn’t spent YET if there is another election? This is a big problem to complete ones commitment if timing is out of their control. A: if you win an election, you get your funding as promised. It depends on how your budget is allocated however. IE if you expect to get $1000/day for 180 days you don’t sign contracts that would require this type of guaranteed funding in case there is an early election that then cuts this funding off because of the new election.

Q: Can institutions act as institutions within the consensus framework? Ex. What if a DAO out there wants to be represented within EdenOS. Must their interest be represented by a single individual that is elected, or can their account be elected? A: If a DAO wants to be represented, the humans need to be members of EdenOS. If you want your company represented invite your employees.

Q: What if someone walks away with the budget? A: If someone walks away they lose all reputation and even those that invited and admitted this person will be known and may harm their reputation as well. If you have a group of 10 with 3 power hungry individuals then that group might not advance (unable to get 2/3+1 votes). So if a bunch of power hungry people get through the first round, the next round will have a lot of these people in a single group so may not advance any further. Don’t invite people that are dominating, harmful or toxic.

Q: Can multilingual folks be in more than one community? A: No. This would provide these individuals with more power, so only one community per person.

Q: Will EdenOS build auditing tools to follow members? A: With all the budgets, lots of tools can be built.

Q: How often will accounts need to prove ownership? A: Every time there is an election and you’re in a group, you prove you own an account. If the votes occur at the same time you can’t be in multiple groups at once. IE if one actor controls 10 different accounts, you can’t be in 10 places at once. The accounts that you own that didn’t show up for a vote would be removed from the community for not participating.

Q: Question about election integrity in general…wasn’t captured along with the answer.

Q: How will community groups know what is being funded and how can different groups coordinate? A: All kinds of portals on EOScommunity.org. Elected representatives can pick projects to fund from a list that the community can create.

Q: Is there a mechanism to determine if funds are efficiently used? A: Its up to elected members to show transparency. The more they show the more trust they build and better they do in future elections.

Q: How can funds be used? A: They can be used in anyway the community decides they can. What is funded from year to year depends on what was previously built. These projects will evolve based on the needs of the community over time.

Q: If there are multiple Eden communities created and then some ideas surface to build a project which could benefit ALL groups rather than ONE specific group (eg. a common EOS website), such projects may slip through the cracks (believing another group will take care of it) How can this be avoided? A similar analogy is the lack of a common EOS website so far. A: Groups don’t have to figure what project they are supporting, they are picking representatives. There will be lots of opportunity to see funding needs or goals. IE if Dan is running a dev team that are working on EOS core, there might be multiple elected leaders funding this project. This makes it more antifragile.

Q: What are some good examples of projects that push forward mass adoption of EOS? A: Actual mass adoption is to create goods and services that people use and need. This along with social media platforms, gaming etc…

Post more questions at EOScommunity.org. They could be answered there or may be asked next week.


Not sure who relayed this information, but my understanding is that it’s a conversation about crypto in general for that community. It’s not specifically related to EOS and other ecosystems will be discussed as well.

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Ahh ok. I think Annabella described it this way, but I’m sure EOS will be mentioned at least :slight_smile:

This is my fault for not being clear.

“We are introducing these EOS leaders and innovators to the Telsa community as they have a panel discussing many things from EdenOS, how blockchain technology can help the foundations of true liberty, aid in a fractal democracy, and offer sustainable/green blockchain solutions like EOSio.”

Would this be more accurate? I would default to Aaron’s description over mine in the call. I was a bit nervous, if anyone could not tell. :slight_smile:


You did a great job Anna!!

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Thank you Chris, you are slaying the minutes on these, it is very much appreciated! :pray:


Honoring that stance I think will be important. I forget all that I have learned over the last year or so in this space but when my brother tells me I don’t make any sense I have to back up and start more broadly.

I really want access to the audio. Is there any chance for that?

I believe it’ll be recorded and published afterwards.

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Clubhouse meeting " Warren Redlich on Next Generation Crypto EOS ADA DOT etc 13 April 2021" recorded and published

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