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Anchor Wallet Unable To Connect

Morning. I keep getting a network error when trying to connect anchor this morning. Trying to unstake some eos from cpu. Any ideas? Using eos.greymass.com

It looks like one of our regional servers got stuck in the past few hours, but should be operational again now. :+1:

Works now. Wasn’t sure if I should have started a new topic or not. You can delete it if you like. Thx!

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New topics are totally fine! Each topic will fall off and fade away as more content is generated, sort of like reddit.

Forums do have a slightly different etiquette and usage than other platforms, hopefully we’ll make that transition easily with some guidance :wink:

The only thing I would have done differently if I were posting as you is a more descriptive title, like “Anchor Wallet unable to connect” or something. Not a big deal what so ever, but one of the awesome things about forums is that search engines like Google are going to eat this content up and help people search for answers to their questions! That’s something telegram just can’t do.

Got it. Changed the topic just in case it happens again to someone. thx again!

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Getting connection/network error when trying to connect anchor.Updated to new version but same issue.after this issue just download app to my 2nd pc and everything ok in that pc.So as i can undestand that any issue with my pc due to which this problem occurs but what i can not undestand becouse everthing working well like browser,apps.Please help me if anyone understand this issue1

Replied to you in telegram, but for people searching for the same answers, I’ll post here as well.