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Wombat hijacking Anchor ESR requests?

I attempted to login to violet.garden on iOS this morning and found that tapping the ‘Launch Anchor’ link suggested I open open it in Wombat rather than Anchor. Deleting the app fixed the issue for me. But in case anyone else had that app installed, might be a confusing experience.

Yeah the Wombat team has been working to integrate the EOSIO Signing Request protocol, which Anchor uses. It looks like they deployed this recently to their browser extension and enabled it by default. Kind of a confusing situation for those who use both.

In the Wombat settings it looks like you can disable “Anchor Support” or something. If you do that and refresh the page, Anchor will start responding to those requests again.

We’ll have to reach out to the Wombat team and figure out how best to handle this situation.