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Unofficial 2nd Trial Eden Board – Third Meeting – August 2 2021

Hello again EOS,

The second trial mock Eden election top level of representatives (for now titled “Chief Delegates”) had our third team meeting this afternoon. In our continued efforts of transparency you will find below the notes from this meeting as well as a link to the unedited video capture for your review. This is the third meeting of many from this team as we embark on our mission to deliver maximum value and growth to Eden and EOS.

For reference to our framework initiative to organize us better, the links to those docs are below> Check them out, sign up for our Slack group, and start helping where you can!

Full Eden on EOS holacracy framework:

Shortened Eden on EOS framework with the specific roles listed for easy view:

The full unedited video from this meeting can be found here:

The following remains as our mission statement:

Develop an Eden on EOS organizational structure that is scalable, iterative, transparent, & collaborative with the entire EOS community.

Review Progress on our Individual Mandates:

Felix Notes:
• Going to pivot from getting meals paid for with EOS…too difficult for new crypto people to pull that off.
• Updated the Creator Now sponsorship to have an Eden style election to vote on what they are doing with their upcoming videos. This will be a $100 prize to fund their video.
• This will incorporate the Creator Now folks into EOS/Eden to help familiarize them.
• Who ever wins, will get $100 EOS, will work with them to convert to their currency.
• This can lead to more content later on once the EOS on-boarding is worked out.
• Could do a bonus to cover the event. Its scheduled for tomorrow…right now 15 people are signed up/interested. Will try to get this posted via the manager of Creator Now. Break into 4 rooms ideally.
• Spent some time in Zoom calls with these folks to spread the idea.
• Maybe Creator Now could turn into a DAO

Josh Notes:
EOS Support
• Logo is finished.
• Website is almost ready, minimal viable landing page
• Waiting on website, where Intercom and Calendly will be to book apts.
• Volunteers have stepped up creating a knowledge base with a FAQ, and popular topics related to EOS. This will get expanded over time.
• Shout out to the volunteers.
• EOS USA is working on a more privatized version to help companies integrate EOS. Looking to meet in the next week or so to discuss.
• Will work out a process to vet new reps.

Tipit Bot:
• Looking to add that to all the Telegram rooms.
• Will look to further incorporate this function into the website etc…
• For now the tipit bot will reside on the Telegram channels.
• Point is to allow people to give donations to those that help them

• Had a messed up link, but got that fixed. The channels are configured to match the documentation that we’ve put out. The doc’s have been updated.
• Started a Click-Up that is integrated into Slack. Clickup.com
• Click-Up is more focused on being action-oriented and to-do lists

Open Office Hours:
• Start to have open office hours where Josh and Chris can be on a live zoom and able to answer questions or talk to people about Eden related issues/discussion.
• Could be working meetings.
• Will do these in early mornings.
• Will aim to start next week: Mon-Fri 13:00 UTC Zoom Link for reoccurring meeting below:
Launch Meeting - Zoom
• Look to work through bigger project proposals.

Chris Notes:
• Did first BP interview with Edgar from EOS Costa Rica. Great interview from a great guy and team, who have NEVER received any pay as a BP on EOS since mainnet launch in 2018.
• Video from this interview to be out in a day or two.
• Will use this first interview to set the tone for future interviews.
• Still aiming to launch proxy in 2-3 weeks.

Ami Notes:
• Ami missed the call but we’re all confident he’s working away and will get an update from him next week.

Thanks as always for your support of our efforts. We are still of course very open to feedback (ideally of the constructive type) so we can optimize the work that we’re dong optimal framework and organizational structure for Eden on EOS to succeed well into the future.

We will continue with these weekly board meetings and updates into the coming weeks. We also plan to establish and schedule an updated set of community Zoom calls which we’ve mostly put on hold for now after the recent election. Please stay tuned for those.

Go EOS!!