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Unable to Import an Existing Account


I just created a new EOS account (apple store), I am trying to link this account to my desktop anchor , when choosing import private keys option, i submit the keys but nothing happens, the import account icon is greyed out and the no account found raw disappeared.

When trying to use the certificate option, its asking me at the end (After the 6 words stage) to submit a password, at no point I summited a password when setting the account on my IPAD (might have used the biometric login during the setup process, not sure).

Desktop version is running on 1.3.2, IOS version on 1.2.3

Same problem :confused: (from private key and from ledger - Anchor doesn’t find accounts).

Same here :frowning:
Looks like a general issue

Yeah looks like an API issue on our end. There was an attack on the network pretty recently that created a millions of accounts, and our systems have been struggling with the extra load that placed on it suddenly. We’re looking into it.

One thing to try would be to change the API in Anchor (under Manage Blockchains) to one of the “account” APIs listed on this page:


Thanks a lot. The issue was resolved changing the endpoint. Didn’t know we could do this.