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Trouble Shoot: Anchor Wallet sign in menu appears blank and never fully loads

Common Problem:
you log in to Defibox with anchor… the normal “sign in” menu from Anchor pop ups blank and remains blank (like it is trying to load) and it never actually loads…

how i trouble shoot this issue:
Step 1) Exit Anchor completely…

  • sign out of anchor completely (make sure it is completely signed out of the windows System Tray as well (that is the icon trey, often next to your clock in the bottom right)

  • if you have done this and the blank screen is still there… check your System Tray again… Anchor may need to be “exited” out of for a second time.

the blank screen should now disappear

Step 2) Sign into Defibox Directly:

  • without re-loading anchor, Click the “sign in” button in the top right of the Defibox website

  • a menu should appear asking what wallet you wish to use.

  • click “Anchor”

  • the Anchor interface should now load up on it’s own and allow you to sign in normally like you do

This is a common error/bug/issue i run into and how I get around it, I figured it might be common for others as well, so hope this helps you if you run into this problem too

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Mind sending over a screenshot of what you’re talking about here?

I haven’t run into this one before and would like to try to reproduce and get that fixed :+1: