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Too many Adams not enough Eves! EDEN needs more women!

A quick look over the first 100 members and I think there’s only 6 women - 6%!


I’m sure this reflects a wider problem of a generally male dominated crypto space, but given that this is the birthing of a new governance system designed to be inclusive and representative from the bottom up it should be one of the main priorities going forward to make this community as inclusive as possible before it becomes yet another male dominated space where men make all the decisions.

Let’s not change the world by making it the same as it was.

[ps congrats everyone on making this milestone, i believe in this project and fascinated to see where it will go!]


Yes, but we want to believe, there have been more and more eve, on the way to join the garden of Eden.

I’m ready to join, need an invitation.


Can you ping me on my telegram @novacryptoltd I would be happy to invite you.


You can contact @GracieLau

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