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"To elect and empower community leaders that create value for the EOS ecosystem." - Mission Statement

Who want to make the Eden Mission Statement better?

My suggestion is not so complete so you all can improve it. Ideally it should clearly show that the purpose of the leaders is to lead, as well as reflect any desires to improve process or support projects, if that’s what we’re doing. Trying to encourage collaboration with more sources of truth within this fractal governance system. Really just trying to figure out and communicate what the heck we’re doing here, whether it’s to make fractal governance, improve EOS value, improve community, empower leaders, etc. If it’s all those things, great, let’s have that written down so we can communicate to future members.

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proposed place holder mission statement

A group of independent minds finding action in consensus achieved through fractal democracy.

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Obviously I agree with you. Just don’t think the time is right yet. Maybe let another election go by to get some things worked out. Maybe after EdenOnEOS has rung out 15 to 20 CDs, set a mission statement supported by a historical CharacterOfLeadership.

This gives us, the community, precedence upon which to judge. And thus, making these early elections ever critical.


I agree, I think it’s not the right time. The right time was a year ago.

From my perspective the bigger issue from a system perspective is this information has no official path to end up anywhere. There’s no defined primitives outside of the bylaws for something like this, and the bylaws are approved by CDs.

The larger still issue is the centralized start of Eden that has an implied transition that wasn’t well defined, or defined at all (except bylaws). So there’s no indication of the spirit of eden outside of “creating value” and whatever exists in the founder’s heads, which they have repeated but not in a discoverable way - lost information in my perspective. So we have just the bylaws. Let’s improve them

A group of independent minds finding action in consensus achieved through fractal democracy.

I don’t think this covers anything we’re doing. There’s no indication of Why, How, or Who (everyone is an independent mind) in this statement. So it’s not only not adding anything, it’s taking away the value we at least know we’re supposed to add to EOS.

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