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The Meta Eden Repo is now OPEN for your input and collaboration

What is Meta Eden?

Meta Eden is a GitHub repo where you can plant EOS + Eden ideas (seeds) and watch them grow into reality with community support.

This is an open call for YOUR suggestions on how to improve EOS and Eden.

Discover Meta Eden: https://github.com/eoscommunity/meta-eden


The first 2 seeds (formatted ideas) that are accepted into the repo will receive 5 EOS each. Contact godsolislove on Telegram to claim your reward after you’ve got an accepted pull request.

Initial Markdown file (See the repo for the latest)

Welcome to Meta Eden

Meta Eden is a place where you’re free to share well-constructed ideas, aptly called ‘seeds’, related to Eden and EOS.

We invite you to share your thoughts as well as your positive attention, collaborate and expand upon other’s ideas via opening issues and pull requests when appropriate. Seeds you plant here should contain all information for the idea to grow into reality.

This isn’t the place for core code edits, nor is it the place for explanatory material, nor discourse outside of opening issues.

Read the original Meta Eden Proposal

How it Works

You’ll find specific topics where Eden and EOS show an opportunity to improve in folders in this repository under the EOS + Eden directories.

Browse .md files in these folders to read other’s suggestions related to that topic.

If you’d like to improve another seed you see, first open an issue on the topic via the issues tab.

If you’ve already done this, and are ready to move on to formalize the changes, open a Pull Request (PR). Elders will review this pull request.

If you have suggestions to improve this repo, please open an issue.



  • Onboarding Process
  • Increasing Membership
  • Marketing + Outreach
  • Funding Eden
  • Proposals (Structure, Presentation, etc)


  • Adoption + Expansion
  • Inflationary + Deflationary models
  • Infrastructure
  • Developer Tools
  • Marketing + Outreach


All submitted seed ideas must:

  • Be named (< 60 characters)
  • Be primarily written in .md (Markdown) format
  • Be versioned with positive-integer numbering starting at 1, or semantic versioning (1.0.0)
  • Have a short, 1-3 sentence description
  • Have author(s) listed with some contact information
  • Be complete ideas, actionable as written
  • Everything must be in English
  • Contain a mini-changelog, with ‘added’ ‘changed’ ‘removed’ ‘fixed’ (this is not required on first submission, but is for PRs)
  • Be finalized with a PR to the eoscommunity/meta-eden repository

Use This Template to plant your seed

We’ve also got instructions in the template.

Posts are in markdown (.md) format, just like READMEs on Github.

All submissions to this repo are released under the MIT license


The growing Pomeloian influence.

Love the approach. Just wanted to say that as I digest it.

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I am looking for EOS tokens around these parts. I work for EOS.