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Starting an EOSIO general topic forum

I’m not entirely sure its a good idea to host a general topic forum, but figured why not give it a shot. This forum will be moderated.

The goal in creating this category is to have an area where threaded topic-based discussions can happen in an organized manner, while avoid becoming a mess filled with promotional type materials. Discussions would be drowned out by too much promotion and spam, so that’s where the focus of moderation will begin.

This is an experiment more than anything, to see if we can create a place where we can have long and focused discussions on single topics someplace meaningful, besides on Telegram.

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Hello! Maybe not exactly conductive of a long and focused discussion, but i’m new to Anchor, and with a glance at your topics, i don’t even have a clue as to what some of the topics are about. I’m going to the EOS Go Forum which should be a better match for where my EOSing is at this time. — But, while i’m here, i want to thank you Anchor Guys such a super, user-friendly wallet! Many thanks, guys!

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Thanks - feel free to start a topic if you have any questions about Anchor or any of our other projects!

We’re also happy to just have some general chatter in here if you feel like starting up a topic on anything else EOSIO related. It’s been largely focused on Anchor and some of our software to start off with, but it’s not our intention to keep it exclusive to it :wink:

Super! Great to hear from you! — Let’s see … “anyquestions” … “anythingelse” … “ourintention” … “startoffwith.” — I couldn’t help but notice your use of 12character phrases. Could it be that you’ve been doing too much twelvecharactering? You can learn a few things about avoiding acquiring the feared twelvecharactering syndrome as i tell my story on Twitter at Monstro Names@MonstroNames. — On another note, i’m sure i’ll have a lot of questions and much to discuss about the ‘Ether on Steroids’ as I learn more of the basics.



That’s amazing.

(crap I did it again)


Ha! And then you did it! My username’s an EOS 12-character account and i can relate to Monstro’s concern, but i cantpicturre myself atriskforthe 12-character syndrome b/c i’m carefulnotto gooverboaard withsuchstuf.