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Speed up startup

Is there a way to speed up the startup of Anchor wallet? I have a lot of accounts and I don’t need to load all the balances, I just need to quick startup and sign the transaction as soon as possible. I only use wax blockchain. I have already set “Account Update Frequency” to never, but it still load all balances on startup and it takes lot of time.

Not currently, but the next major version of Anchor we are planning on addressing this. I too know the pain since I have a lot of accounts loaded as well :sweat_smile:

One trick I can offer is that if you simply close the main window, a minimal version of Anchor will continue to run in the background and can be accessed through the system tray. That minimal version running in the background doesn’t have the same sort of CPU/Memory problems while it’s running and will still allow you to receive/sign requests from external applications.

You can launch the main interface again just by clicking the icon in the system tray, and the startup time of that should be much faster.