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Some things I want to say to BM

Comparison with BM’s new project Eden

BM posts a community project.  It is planned to use 0.125% of EOS competition to motivate the community.

The project, in fact, is very similar in concept to the DFS distributed farm. It needs to rely on the organization of the community and work together to make EOS better.

The original intention is good.  But too idealistic, reminds me of the failure of TAG1.0.

The number of EOS transitions is only 10 million EOS each year.  Taking 0.125% is 1.25 million EOS.

Therefore, the design of the entire BM project should focus on the fair distribution of the 1.25 million EOS, rather than on how community members should work together and do things.  This is putting the cart before the horse.

The real purpose of project participants is to fight for the right to transcend control, not just to make the system better.  For the sake of the system is usually the slogan of their competition period.  Those who enter the system first will form a stubborn force of vested interests.  Once you get it, you will lose your goal. The income comes from a fixed system gain. No matter how hard you work, the income will not increase.  Therefore, after obtaining the power of control, the main task will become how to prevent branch control, such as dealing with competitors, bribing elections and consolidating other disturbances.

The mechanism allows grouping to do evil, and then various punishment mechanisms are used to make up for it, beyond the violation of the spirit of freedom.

There is no doubt that the return of BM is beneficial to the community, but the project he planned to , that use 0.125% inflation EOS per year to support EOS community, I don`t think it is a good idea , first , we all know B1 raised 4B $ in EOS ICO ,and now is worth over 10B$, what does this money mean?
second , B1 also keep 100M Token in genesis , B1 declared in many public place that he just a holder of EOS , but all other holder get EOS by purchasing, only B1 have 100M by free,

B1 and their money is not under my control. Your choice is to do nothing or to do something. I understand not wanting to give me more. That’s why I’m building community governance

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If we take all the things into consideration, such as

  1. B1 raised 4B$ from the community in EOS ICO. Why they can get so much “donation” from us? Because they (BM, BB, EOSVC and B1…) promised to “take care” of us (community).
  2. As a result, B1 released the upgraded eosio code, eosio trainning, EOSVM, EOS powerup model, projects granting, eosio enterprise. And EOSVC founded some projects out of the EOS community and few original EOS project: upland…
  3. B1 left us and did almost nothing for the EOS community in last 2-3 years.
  4. B1 announced their social media in “B1 June 2019”, which lasts only tens of minutes, with the people from all over the world, two years ago.

Dan, now that you mentioned the controll, how about we take control of the 100M free EOS, by the power of community. Yea, this is DPOS.

What i am saying just now is all the bullshit, i know. But I would like to clarify that we can confiscate the 100M EOS belongs to B1 without any ethical and legal issues !

What I really want to say is, please keep doing things for EOS and stop giving foolish answer. (You narrative of “control” annoyed me).
You should really have some look at the projects from community, DFS, Vigor and so on. They have no funding, but they are doing something great.

Maybe use EOS to Crowdfunding and fork a better EOS, will make EOS great again.