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Social Media App that integrates and/or competes with UTU.ONE with structured NFT types

I am wondering if this development community has an opinion on UTU.ONE and whether they feel it is plagued by similar problems as B1. I don’t know or understand what it is actually built on and feel it is a risky product given the TOS and apparent lack of KYC or AML checks. I am new to EOS and trying to figure out what the heck is going on in the blockchain meta-world and feel like Dan Larimer will lead the people into the future and through a global cultural revolution.

After reading Moxie’s article on first impressions of web3 I feel that the whole lot of NFT space is corrupted with layers of centralized control and manipulation, not to mention a tremendous overhead and waste of resources.

After looking just now at Koila I am seeing it is based on IPFS and not OpenSea and I have no idea how UTU.ONE works or if people on different systems will be able to exchange or have deriative NFT’s.

Any thoughts on any these topics or just more background info on what EOS and Eden EOS is all about it appreciated even though I am new to this I am devouring the info and am amazed by how small a group of people are actually aware of what’s going on and doing something about it. I want to educate the masses and be the #1 EOS cheerleader on the web I have decided.

It is curious to me that Koila uses google auth for signups:

“Koila will be using Google logins making onboarding hassle-free once we launch on Main-net.”


Also the verification process for uploading NFT’s involves a google doc link.

Why does that bother me and should it? Reminds me of Moxie’s article:

For example I like what they are doing here for login and auth but can this be integrated with EOS?