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Restoring from old HDD without backup

Hi Greymass,

First I want to extend my gratitude for all the things Greymass has done for EOS throughout the history.

My 5 years old WIndows 10 laptop had a battery explosion. The fire was extinguished right off the bat. Feeling so lucky that there was no casualty, no insury, no data loss. I just taken out the SDD and now I’m trying to import all the Anchor Wallet keysto a new laptop with Windows 11 with a fresh installment of Anchor. The thing is that I never backed up on the previous computer on Anchor.

Is there any way I can restore and import those in the old SDD to the new installment of Anchor Wallet on the new laptop without JSON backup file?

Please guide!


If you can access the old data, you should be able to pull all the data out. There’s a file called config.json that Anchor uses to store all your accounts/settings/etc, which on Windows is found in your User’s home folder.

Normally you can get to it by going Windows → Run, and then typing %APPDATA%, but that’s only for the current windows installation.

If you’re looking at this as a secondary hard drive you recovered from the old machine, you’ll want to look in the drive for the following folder structure:

X:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Roaming\Anchor Wallet

It may or may not be a hidden folder, so you may have to enable the explorer to show hidden folders.

Hope that helps!

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