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Request for CPU&NET refresh functionalty

The refresh button in resources could for example send an empty dummy transaction so it would refresh the CPU and NET, since on EOS your CPU and NET are refreshed only after transaction, not periodically.

This is bad because:
If I rent 50k EOS today and spend all cpu and net power, and tomorrow I only need to rent 10k EOS from PowerUP then I have to rent over 50k because renting power from powerup does not refresh the CPU and NET. So I have to rent 60k, just do to 2-3 transactions and “refresh” my power, and then I’m left with loads of power unused.

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There is actually a new API feature available in EOSIO 2.1 that will help a lot with this. It was released within the last week and we have not had the opportunity to upgrade both our APIs and Anchor yet, but once we do, we will (in theory) have the ability to determine resources without the need for any sort of dummy transaction. The APIs themselves will give us enough information.

I’m hopeful that this feature will work as anticipated and we’ll have a solution soon - but if not we’ll relay the information to block.one for future refinements of this new feature.


I use loads of eos transactions daily and this is the only issue I see with the blockchain at the moment. I’m glad it’s being worked on.

Thanks for the input and have a nice day!

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