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Registered EOS Unable to Set Up Anchor Wallet as no Private Key

Hi All, and firstly my apologies as this may or may not have been covered by someone.
I am having problems with retrieving my EOS i registered back in the day but unfortunately i dont have my private key as it was never sent to due to getting a message needing more funds (gas) i believe. I am able to see my registered eos on eos authority but am unable to either unstake and or retrieve. It isnt much eos but it is mine. I was able to find via my transactions on etherscan from my exchange and my trezor where they are stored as the old erc-20 coins and then registered from there. Eos authority transaction hash’s match up with all of the information i can find on my eos and including the day they were registered and there account name etc. Any help would certainly be appreciated. Thankyou

If you’ve never performed an action on the EOS network but still have access to your ETH keys, I believe you can use this process to gain access to that account:


I don’t know much about the process at all - but that’s typically the best place to start. If you need further assistance I’d reach out to the EOS Authority team since they’re the ones that built that page and may have more information.

Whatever you do - if you go into Telegram for support, ignore any direct messages. Scammers everywhere it seems when people are asking for support.

Hi Aaron and thankyou for the help. I have been chasing this for about 6 months so far. Ill see how i go via your message information. Cheers. :slight_smile:

Also this morning, I have done a firmware upgrade on my trezor as i needed to do so for being able to sign the transaction to get new key for my EOS.

Unfortunately as i dont have my seed words for my Trezor as i didnt write them down when i started all of this in 2018 i couldnt restore the ETH wallet that the original transaction was from and it is now a new install and no coins on it nor old wallets.

I believe i wont be able to get my eos back by the looks?

I honestly am not sure, like I said in the beginning I am not all too experienced with this process.

If I had to guess though, yeah if you can’t restore the ETH wallet and don’t have the seed for the Trezor, I’m not sure you’d be able to sign the transactions needed to access that EOS account.

You may want to see advice from the EOS Authority folks though since I’m not 100% certain :sweat_smile:

Hi again Aaron, i do appreciate your help and comments. I have sent the same email to the EOS Authority but i believe you are right. If i dont have what i require, ill just look at my EOS on there for years to come unable to retrieve them. No Stress. :slight_smile: