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Refunding unstacked EOS but stuck with signing request

After 3 days unstacking my EOS from 2 different accounts. I finished the 1st refunding my unstacked EOS to the 1st account to Anchor wallet, and It was very smooth movement. Then I tried to process as same as manual refunding for the 2nd account. But I stuck with “signing request” when signing transaction was always under my 1st account. So the pop up screen announced “Transaction failed - missing authority of my 2nd account”. Please help to advice. Thank you vary much.

It sounds like the 2nd account isn’t imported into Anchor properly or something. It’s hard to tell with what information you’ve provided so far.

The first thing I’d probably recommend is going into Manage Wallets, and import the account again using the “Import via Private Key” method using the appropriate private key. With it being imported this way, try again.

Thank you for your advice. Let I try to import my 2nd act again.

I tried to import the 2nd act from Anchor wallet again, and starting to manual refund require from https://eosauthority.com/ but It was still stuck at signing request (enclose screen shoot below). Its seem the transaction authority provided permission under my 1st act only.

In the the signing request screen, I also saw a popup message:

“Request options: Account not found - Could not load the expected account for this request - cpuauthority@charge, gi2…(name of my1st account).”

Could you please show me how could I change the transaction authority from 1st act to 2nd act?
Thank you very big.

Have you tried the refund action from directly within Anchor using the account? I’m wondering if this is an issue with EOSAuthority or your wallet.

If you go into the Resources section of the app and expand either the CPU or NET section, there’s a refunding area that should have a button to refund it.

You could also try bloks.io to refund. If none of those work, then definitely something with Anchor.

It work now and I got my refunding. I used another laptop to import the 2nd act, and everything went through properly. Thank you very much for your support. :slight_smile: :blush:

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