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Recovery Assistance

Hi Folks,

I’m a little unfamiliar with all of this, but I had some assistance from a friend in setting up an account a while back.

Here’s the problem – I’ve forgotten my wallet password and, when setting up the account, I texted the certificate to myself but it did not go through. Since upgrading my OS and phone, I cannot recover the certificate.

Here’s what I do have:

  1. Public Key
  2. Private Key
  3. Account Name
  4. Encryption Key Words

Is it possible to recover my account with this information? If so, could someone please point me to the documentation or a separate thread with instructions?

Thank you in advance for your help.


I have access to Anchor on both my phone and desktop. On my phone, I can use FaceID to authorize transactions. I’m not currently stuck at the moment, but something feels precarious about not knowing the underlying password.

The private key you have should be enough to control the account and import it into wallets for management. That key I’m assuming is your “active” key which serves as your primary day-to-day key for usage.

The owner key certificate is your backup essentially though in the event your active key is lost. Without both the certificate AND the encryption key words, you won’t be able to use it as a backup.

If you want an owner key backup to ensure you can recover your account, unfortunately you’d have to make a new account and go through that process again. You could then move all of your assets (using the active key you have on your device) to the new account that you have a backup for.

It’s good that you’ve at least got the private key so the account is usable!

Thank you very much – this worked!