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Possible bright idea to onboard users using the current NFT craze

(I’m posting this here as I don’t see a better category.)
We all know that NFTs are really hot these days. With high fees, some people on ETH and other networks can’t afford to even claim them. EOS does not suffer the expensive transactions as many other popular networks. We should take advantage of this.
Imagine promoting outside the EOS ecosystem some very awesome NFTs. All you need do is create an account and you get to claim them. After that you will get one more a week free for a few weeks, all you need do is pay for the new RAM.
Donations of art and funds (possibly from Eden funding?) can bring on new users for about .3 EOS. The NFT art work would be the promotion and obviously some funding would be needed for marketing places like Twitter, Reddit, etc.
It would be best if one could filter only new accounts so the NFTs have SOME scarcity for the new folks. Old accounts would buy them on the secondary market further driving price and value. I don’t know if a new account filter would be possible.
Anyway, I think people would happily open EOS accounts for these and become true believers overnight.
We could have a contest for NFT creators to create these, the winners adding to their fame.
Seems to me like a slam dunk.
Would welcome feedback.