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New dapp --- EOS smart contract deployed

Hi, we developed a smart contract on the EOS platform to provide a betting venue for various outcomes, especially the quadrennial World Cup.

No registration, no dazzling hierarchy. Just fill in the memo, and the transfer is a bet.

This smart contract just provides a place for entertainment, so that everyone has something to do during the boring time waiting for the community to raise the price of eos.

Everyone can participate in a small amount, don’t think about playing this smart contract to get rich, you can only rely on the community to get rich.

You can also make a quiz about which event you want to start.

More detail visit: https://github.com/sportswineos/beteoswinall .






更具体玩法请看 https://github.com/sportswineos/beteoswinall

Come on.

It’s a funny game.