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Looking for instructions to connect Ledger to Anchor

I stored EOS on Ledger nano s by using Fairy wallet, which seems defunct now. I would like to know how to migrate from Fairy to Anchor. If there is a link, I appreciate it a lot.
Thanks for your help.

If you already setup an account using the Ledger on Fairy Wallet, it should be pretty simple.

If you have a fresh install of Anchor, you’d:

  • Click “Setup Wallet” on the first screen.
  • Select the blockchain you’d like to use (EOS for example)
  • Click “Import Account”
  • Click the 2nd option, “Enable Ledger Support” (if it’s not already enabled).
  • The 2nd option will then turn into “Load from Ledger”, click that.
  • It will detect your account(s), click the checkbox next to each one you’d like to import.
  • Click “Import Accounts” at the bottom and you’re all setup!

Just to collect it as well in this post, here the step by step tutorial from Sami about Ledger and Anchor: