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Last signupeoseos accounts cannot be found by PUB_K at bloks.io

Dear team,

accounts created by signupeoseos from the last 3 days cannot be found via Public Key. Steps to reproduce:

-Create an account from bloks.io
-Once finished, go to the user you created with the search bar.
-You will be able to find the user by the username, so the account IS CREATED.
-Now try to find the user by writting the Public Key in the search bar. The user is not found.

This happens with the users from the lasts 3 days created by signupeoseos (not tried another creator), you can check it by searching PUB key one by one from each created user. bloks.io will find by username but not by PUB_K. In consequence any account created cannot be set up in Anchor.

Thanks for the support.

Reply from Greymass Team:

It looks like bloks.io is using an old API endpoint that has recently been out of sync.

We’re looking into the sync issues on our end, since bloks.io relies on some of our APIs. Hopefully it’ll be sync’d up soon.