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Introduction: Tadas


I’m Tadas Vaitiekūnas, from Lithuania. My background is in software engineering, I’ve been following Dan’s projects and EOS community since the EOS whitepaper came out. I’d love to join this community.

Tell us how you found out about eden?
I don’t remember exactly, since I learned about it over a year ago. But it was probably through one of Dan’s posts. Or from someone in the community. I’ve heard about his new book and the new community being created based on the ideas in the book. I wanted to read the book first, but it took me long enough, since I was too busy with other stuff at the time :slight_smile:

What is it about the community’s vision/values/ideas attracted you?

  • The election process
    • Prevents collusion from having an effect on consensus
    • Enables people to have their voices heard in the governance, besides just giving out votes for options that are pre-selected by someone.
  • The idea of a decentralized community where people are in control, not tokens. I mean, most attempts by the crypto community to create governance systems end up using token-weighted governance. Practice has revealed so many obvious issues, and I think Dan’s solutions are the obvious next step in the evolution of governance on the blockchain (as well as in society).

Why do you want to become a member?

  • I’m interested in testing out fractal governance in practice. I have a vision for other decentralized communities and I want to learn from what’s already there.
  • As an EOS holder and software developer which has experience on EOS, I care about the development of EOS ecosystem.

In what way do you see yourself contributing to the community?
I’m interested in how the EOS - fractal governance relationship could work and make the ecosystem flourish. I’m developing a couple of ideas regarding that and maybe I could help Eden community make the necessary steps to improve EOS governance. I’m also interested in how parts of fractally could be integrated by the Eden community to empower contributors.

I also have software development experience on EOS, so I could contribute that as well.

If you were to become an elected Eden Genesis representative with a budget, how would you spend that budget?
In my eyes, it is early to think about that for me. But in short, I would try my best to represent the ideas and values that got me elected. Would spend the budget accordingly.

Please provide your Telegram username so that Eden members can contact you to learn more

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