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Introduction, I joined recently

Hi People! I’m Mudassar @MudassarEjaz on telegram and @DangerDactar on twitter and I found out about Eden from Randall Roland from the EOS Telegram Group. I am eager to join this community under the leadership of Dan to learn and grow myself.

What is it about the community’s vision/values/ideas attracted you? well Decentralization is something in trend and I am a strong supporter of decentralization and it is a beautiful concept of financial world. EOS approach toward decentralization attracted me to join this community and here I’m to contribute my best here.

Why do you want to become a member? The governance system introduced by the community is one of my interest and I want to learn about how this all works and how this system works on a bigger scale. I love the theme " two people working together are stronger than two uncoordinated individuals’ and want to be a part of this super potential system.

In what way do you see yourself contributing to the community? As a community member, I hold a potential vote and I shall try my best to govern this community by the power of my vote and insights.

If you were to become an elected Eden Genesis representative with a budget, how would you spend that budget? well currently I’m off of my thoughts and I am eager to explore this community to learn more on how the potential of this community can be digested