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I don’t import my account

I have certificates 28 word
But I don’t have 6 key

The 6 words are required to decrypt the certificate. Without it, it’s not possible to access the account.

If you have your old device that still has access to the account, you can at least access it. If not, I’m afraid there’s not a way to recover it.

but i did not create any 6 words
I thought that by dumping 28 words, this would be enough for me as usual

In Anchor, what happens during account creation is:

  • Anchor asks you to Print/Save the Owner Key Certificate.
  • After this, Anchor presented with 6 additional words and asks you to write/save them someplace safe.
  • Anchor then asks you to repeat back those 6 words to confirm they have been saved, before completing the account creation.

The UI walks through all of these steps before it’ll import the account. So while you didn’t create them, I’m pretty certain you had to have seen those UI elements while you created the account.

Some background: The reason Anchor does this is because we can’t guarantee the security of the first 28 words if you print it. Printers used are often public and/or online devices, ones which often have security concerns (printers save whatever they print in memory for long periods). So the 6 extra words act as a security layer to protect users from potentially being hacked if they use a printer.