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Huobi WAXP Tag for Anchor Wallet?

Hello- Been trying to send WAXP to my Anchor via Huobi with my Public Key as the address, but the system keeps telling me “Invalid Tag Address” even if is left completely blank. The info I found says the Tag is optional and for personal use. I have also sent an email to Huobi Support for OTC as they did not offer many options when submitting a question. Any help is greatly appreciated.

WAXP is a token native to the actual WAX blockchain, which uses account names and not public key addresses. WAXP is the token that Anchor supports, and to withdraw to the WAX blockchain you’d specify your account name instead of an address.

Lookup your account name and use that instead. Feel free to withdraw a small amount just to confirm everything is working properly - that’s a step I typically take as I’m learning how things work.

Thanks! Sounds like I need to send it to my .gm name. I’ll give it a shot.

Hah, yep. That’d be the one - or any other account name like that you wish to send to.

A lot of exchanges still say “Address” or “Public Key” just because that’s how most of the other blockchains they deal with operate.

Great, that got me a lot farther. For their platform they require (user name).gm in the Address field and the Tag field. The Tag field is not for personal reference on their platform. Maybe that information can be posted somewhere that has more pull on a search then my simple post here. Again, much thanks!

Good to know!

Also just to be clear, the account name is the full 1-12 character name, like test.gm or user.gm. Not all accounts have the .gm suffix like this, only account created through our platforms, and all accounts from all platforms should work fine :+1: