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How do I know if my owner key have changed?

Anchor is not finding an account linked to my private key when I try to import it in the wallet. I’m affraid I’ve been hacked… how can I know if someone changed my keys?

My account name is g44deojwg4ge

Thank you very much!

You can look through the actions on your account using a block explorer like bloks.io to see if there were any “updateauth” transactions. I just took a look, and I don’t see any - your keys appear to be what they originally were when the network launched.

If your account isn’t being found, it may be because of the API endpoint you’re using. Are you using Anchor Desktop, and have you changed the API server it uses in the config? If so, that’s a likely cause.

You can change the API server Anchor uses by going into Manage Blockchains, and clicking the gear next to the network you want to edit. From there, you can change the API node. There’s a few lists at the top for “account api” which you can find here:


Hi Aaron!

Thank you so much for the quick help, but no matter what API server I try, it doesn’t find an account:

Am I missing something?

I read about the Key Validator, but I think is no longer available.

The key validator/converter does still exist - but it’s not being shown if you don’t have accounts already imported. If you click the gear in the upper right and select “Show advanced options” (I think it’s the 2nd one), the Tools menu will appear on the sidebar and you’ll be able to use it.

What you’ll want to do is enter the private key - and it’ll show you the corresponding public key in multiple formats. Compare that public key to what’s shown on the block explorer in the keys section of your account and make sure those match.

If they do match, it’s an API issue - but if they don’t match then it isn’t the correct key for the account.

Thank you very much Aaron… I can’t explain to myself how this happened, but I guess I don’t have the correct key… I knew this could happen, and I’m very carefull with cripto keys, but somehow I saved a wrong key…

Lesson learned… it won’t happen again.

Thank you for the help!

You know what!!??

I found a backup of the key!! It works!! thanks for the help anyway… I learned a couple of things…

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